Redneck Romeo - Lorelei James “Want you, need you, have to have you. Goddamn, woman, the way you respond to me is such a fucking turn-on.”

Over the past few months when Dalton looked at her a certain way, or placed a kiss below her ear, or ran his finger down the inside of her arm, she sensed his satisfaction. His possession. She’d chalked it up to sex. Now she saw it for what it really was. Love that went beyond anything she’d ever thought any man could feel for her, let alone this man who owned her heart, body and soul.


Holy crap. Jessie was pregnant too? Rory had considered ditching the condoms with Dalton since she was on the pill, but seeing these virile McKay males? Now she had half a mind to demand that Dalton double bag his dick— just to be safe.

While I can't say that this book was a favorite of mine, I did enjoy it thoroughly. It was a nice change-up from the typical bad boy and connesuir of vagina du jour. Dalton wanted and pursued a relationship with Rory from day one. He knew what he wanted, and he went after it.

While Dalton certainly had his wild moments of random women and bar fights in his youth, he's a different man now. He has been away from home for 3 long years and has a damn good reason for running away when he did. When he hears that his (asshole) father has suffered a stroke, he knows he has to go back to be with his family, even though the last thing he wants to do help the man that caused his family nothing but pain. What seals the deal is when he finds out that Rory is now also back and is no longer engaged. Having been in love with her for years, he knows it's now or never.

Dalton pursues Rory throughout the entire book. Having had a long history with the bad boy McKay, Rory has a hard time believing that this time he's playing for keeps. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that Dalton has wham-bam-thank-you-m'amed her, he did take her virginity in his car and then never called her. Of course there was also the fact that he left one of her good friends at the alter 3 years ago and then split.

Dalton is a cowboy with a mission, though, and works like hell to make it work with her.
While Dalton had plenty of moments where he was incredibly sweet, he definitely did not disappoint in the heat department.

He leaned across her body and whispered, “Problem?” directly in her ear.
God. That voice. The heat and weight of his body. The scent of his skin. The man could screw up her senses just by existing.
“Aurora?” he murmured.
“Why are you going so slow?”
He nuzzled the side of her neck. “Because it’s fuckin’ hot watching my cock driving in and out of you. Seeing it covered in your sweet juices, knowing what I’m doin’ to you is makin’ you hot. Makin’ you wet.”
“When it’s you and me together like this? Baby, you come first. Always.”
“So if I make myself come?”
His mouth brushed her ear. “Then I’ll fuck you like a goddamned jackhammer until you come again.”


Even though it took Rory pretty much the entire book to own up to her feelings to Dalton, it didn't irritate me as something like that usually would. I think it was due to the fact that I really like her as a character, she some sort of timid mouse. She had a dirty mouth, a quirky sense of humor, and had no problem speaking her mind.
“Right here, right now?”
“Are you drunk?” she demanded. “Nope.”
Rory cocked her head. “Suppose I did spread my legs and slip my fingers into my cunt to get myself off. You’d still be hard and horny. How would you benefit?”
Dalton plucked up her hand and rubbed the tips of his fingers on his lips. “The benefit for me is that you did what I told you. You have no idea how much I love watching you come. It’s even better—” he kissed her fingertips, “— and hotter when you do it for me.”
“Dalton, the list of things I won’t do with you or to you or have you do to me is pretty short. But I draw the line at diddling myself between courses in a four-star restaurant.”

There was also some parts, particularly the conversation between Rory and her friends that had me laughing like an idiot.

“Well, even if she is sore she can’t tell him she’s sore,” Mandie said.
“Why not?” Vanessa demanded.
“Because if she complains her lady part is chafed he’ll just want anal instead,” Mandie stated. Rory choked on her drink. “I wondered if part of the reason you’re not sore after having sex seventeen freakin’ times in a week is because you were taking it up the ass.”
“Seriously, Mandie. What. The. Hell.”
“What? No butt sex for you yet?”
“He’s gonna want it. Soon probably.” Mandie’s voice dropped to a whisper. “My advice? Lots of lube.”

All the McKays and their offspring make an appearance, though the book mainly focuses on Casper's sons, Tell, Brandt, and Dalton. I still got somewhat lost in the names, since the McKay's do like to procreate. I can't keep track of all the offspring anymore. (Good thing the author has a family tree on her website)

I did also skipped book 14 since I couldn't get into it, so it might have been a small reason for my confusion. The author does do a good job with explaining events from the previous book, without it being repetitive, so that helped a lot with remembering certain things.

It took me a bit to get into the book initially, and there were some parts that dragged for me in the middle. But right around the 70% mark, there were some revelations that had me glued to my kindle until I finished. There were things that were revealed about Dalton's history that seriously hurt my heart and made me cry.

So if you're looking for a steamy book with a sexy, jealous and possessive cowboy and a spunky heroine, I'd say you'd really enjoy this one.

3.75 sexy country stars

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