Hot Pursuit (A Hostile Operations Team Novel) - Lynn Raye Harris
He was definitely not the same boy he'd been ten years ago. She'd had a crush on that boy - that popular, gorgeous, unattainable boy.
But the man before her now was terrifying in ways that boy hadn't been. And far more dangerous.


This was a a first book for me by this author, and after finishing it, I can say it will definitely not be my last. It was a great romantic suspense.

Ten years ago Evie Baker gave her heart and her virginity to Matt Girard, only to have him break her heart and trust in the cruelest way imaginable.

Now let's stop here for a second. I am SUCH a sucker for this type of scenario. Hero and heroine meet, fall in lust, hero breaks heroine's heart so the heroine now hates him...only to come face to face with the hero years later. That set up right there? Yep!

Ok, so moving on.

Evie suffered a big humiliation at the hands of Matt in high school. Matt left for the army, and Evie was left to deal with the painful repercussions of his actions. She couldn't wait to get out of the small town to pursue her dreams. Unfortunately things did't pan out as she was hoped. After opening her restaurant and being robbed blind by her partner and lover, she lost everything. Now forced to come back to her hometown, the last thing she wants is to run into Matt again.

Matt is a member of a top secret military group, HOT. When a mission goes terribly wrong, and he loses two of his team members, Matt no longer knows where his military career stands anymore. Now back home for his sister's wedding, he comes face to face with his one regret, Evie.

Matt deeply regrets the way he acted as a young and immature boy, and Evie wants nothing to do with him. Of course they can only fight the attraction between them for so long.

Evie may be angry, but she cannot deny her feelings for the sexy soldier.
And here she stood ready to lose herself in him one more time. Because there'd always been more between them that just one night. Because they went back a long ways, and she'd loved him as a friend long before she'd ever fallen for him as a man.


When Evie's little sister goes missing, and her past comes back to haunt her, Matt knows that he has to protect her.

Now while the romance between Evie and Matt was a good part of the book, the predominate part of it was the suspense. I really enjoyed that. There were no out of place sex scenes. You know the ones I'm talking about.
Oh my god! The bad guys are shooting at us!
Uh oh! You're right! But the adrenaline is making me horny! We should have sex!
Definitely, but let's at least go find an abandoned warehouse somewhere.
(yes, I've actually read that before *long suffering sigh*)

This was a perfect mix of plot, suspense, action and steam.

There were multiple POV's, like Evie's sister and each of the bad guys. I usually don't enjoy that. But I thought it was very well written, where it wasn't confusing and didn't flip flop. The POVs were mainly Matt and Evie's, with a few snippets of the others. It actually added a little something to the book that I liked.

Now as for my rating, that was a toughie. While I enjoyed this book, it just wasn't one that I loved. I am not even sure what it was...but I just had a hard time connecting to the characters. The suspense part of it was very good, and the ending caught me completely off guard (I really didn't see that twist coming). The romance was the part that I found lackluster, I suppose. I wish I can pinpoint exactly what it was, but I can't. It just wasn't one that I was incredibly invested in.

The set up for the future characters really drew me in, however. I cannot wait to get Kev's story.

So as for my rating, I'll go with something between 3.5 and 4 stars, but I still can't make up my mind, so I'll round up to 4.

If you enjoy a good military type romantic suspense, definitely give this book a try.

Really looking forward to future books in this series.

*ARC courtesy of author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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