A Dom is Forever (Masters and Mercenaries) - Lexi Blake My Gawd but Lexi Blake could write a sexy hero. I have been curious about Liam since the first book in this series, and I def was not disappointed. His story had me curious until the last page. Avery was a great heroine as well. Her past is heart breaking, and even though she has some major self esteem issues (which is understandable, given her past) she still comes off strong in the story. This was a terrific read, and the love scenes?!!! PHEW! they were SCORCHING HOT!
I'm excited for Alex and Eva's book next, but I absolutely cannot wait for Ian's story. He is the Dom I love to hate.

This book was great, Lexi Blake is def one of my auto-buy authors. My favorite in this series continues to be "The Men with the Golden Cuffs", but Liam's story was a sexy good read.