Italian Affair - Annie Seaton I hate writing these type of reviews, and I think I'll once again be in the minority with my review here, but I just didn't enjoy this one.
I am stingy with 4 and 5 star reviews. Even my 3 stars at times. Now don't be judgy here
I had a tough time rating this one, but if I had to, I'd go with 2.5 "it was ALMOST good" stars.

Maybe part of my dislike of this book came from reading it immediately after I finished[b:The Marriage Merger|16153618|The Marriage Merger (Marriage to a Billionaire, #4)|Jennifer Probst||21991637] and [b:The Marriage Mistake|15729261|The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionare, #3)|Jennifer Probst||21408119] and I was at my capacity for the "Marriage arrangement" thing. But that wasn't even the biggest problem for me. I just never developed any sort of connection with the characters.

Brianna Ballantine has been searching for her birth mother for years. Unfortunately by the time she finds her, her mother has already passed away. She travels from Ireland to Italy with the hopes of learning more about her family, and since she is set to inherit her mother's Italian villa. Tthere is just one tiny caveat to her inheritance; she has to be married to get it.

Luckily on her flight to Italy, she sits next to Tomas Richards. Tomas and her chat, though I can't say that I ever felt that connection between them.

Brianna is a sex therapist. She's supposed to be free-spirited and goofy, and fun loving, but most of the time she just came off as scatterbrained. Tom is a finance guru coming off of a bad relationship. He's looking to cut-lose and come a little out of his comfort zone. How does he go about this you ask? Oh, he makes a LIST of things that he needs to do.

Being strapped for time, as she only has four days to find a "husband", Brianna and Tom make a mutually beneficial arrangement. Tom will act as her fiance, to get his match-making aunt off of his back, and Brianna will be able to inherit her villa.

The first half of this book was just...
It just dragged.

Brianna droves me nuts through most of this book. I think she was supposed to come across as quirky, but I swear she acted crazy half the time. She would get mad at Tom over something, and then a second later be giggling about it. Or she would go from giggling about something back to mad. Then there was her attempts to try and seduce the sexy, stuffed shirt, Tom. Tom thinks she just wants to sleep with him because she is grateful to him for helping her out, so he's hesitant. Brianna decides to set him at ease with her intentions...
"No...listen to me, Tom. Hear me out. Looking at you makes me feel, well, you should know. We're adults, and unless I'm reading you the wrong way, you're attracted to me as well. So we might as well share a bed and have some fun while we're here together. I know this isn't for real, and I know neither of us wants that, but it's the least I can do."


How does she go about this seduction as far as technique goes? Oh well, she sneaks into his room when he's sleeping, and get on top of him wearing only a sheet.
Luckily for her, Tom was a little more into it than the poor bastard in the gif :)

I would have rated it at around 3.5, had it not been for the ending. I really thought that it felt rushed. The whole I love you for real thing just came out of nowhere, very abrupt. There was so much built up throughout the whole book, that the ending just didn't match.

The sex scenes were a bit lackluster as well. It's not a deciding factor for me. But considering the fact that the entire book, characters, and plot really didn't ring my bell...the lackluster sex certainly didn't help.

This was the first book I have read by this author, so I will try to read her future books just to give it one more chance. It might be a case of this just not being my type of book, but I can't judge that based on just one book. I would really love to get a book for Tom's younger brother. The set-up there his fiance dying in a tragic accident really tugged at my heartstrings.

If you like contemporary romances, you might enjoy this one. I just never got into it. Meh *shrugs* can't love them all.

**ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

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