Chances Are - Christy Reece After giving this a lot of thought, I've decided to go with 3.25 stars.

I love Christy Reece novels. I especially love her Last Chance Rescue series. Though they can easily be read as standalones, I would highly recommend reading the entire series if you enjoy steamy Romantic Suspense.

I have always enjoyed these books, and they have only gotten better for me as the series went on. That was, at least, until this book.

While I cannot say that I disliked it, I can't say that I really loved it either. It fell into that odd "somewhere in the middle" limbo from the 30% mark, and sadly just stayed there until pretty much the very end.

Angela Delvecchio has been LCR's researcher and receptionist since she first began working there at the young age of 17. While she harbored dreams of eventually becoming a field operative, for the sake of her family's concern for her safety, she put those dreams on the side.

Having lost her entire family in a tragic accident, there is now nothing stopping her from pursuing that dream. When a sadistic serial killer begins to terrorize the street of London, Angela jumps at the chance for her first assignment.

Jake Mallory was a Chicago cop that lost his wife in a horrific way. Hoping to drown his sorrows, he inadvertently walks in and almost ruins an op. When the head of LCR sees his potential, Jake finds his second chance working as an operative for the elusive rescue group.

Sparks fly between Angela and Jake, but having lost his wife, Jake refuses to let anyone close to him ever again.

The story held promise. It was filled with action and suspense. I really liked Angela. She was such an amazing heroine. She was strong, kick-ass, knew what she wanted and went for it.

Jake's character was where the story fell flat for me. He never really came alive from the pages for me. He was stubborn and thick-headed and drove me out of my ever-loving mind.

When Angela goes undercover as a stripper, Jake, her partner is now unable to fight the attraction that has been flaming between them from the beginning.

Angela was such a realistic heroine. I loved reading the progression of her character. This being her first op, she was equal parts driven and terrified.

Jake spends the entirety of the book fighting his attraction to her. Unfortunately, he does this in such a pig-headed and stupid way, that it really brought my enjoyment down.

I understood Jake's hesitance to get involved after his wife's death. But in certain scenarios I just found him to be way over the top.

When he finally gives into the attraction and sleeps with Angela and then walks out on her when he gets mad that she knows his history. Angela explains her reasons for knowing. Being a researcher, she had to look into his whole background. How would he not know that? And to blow up at her like he did and to simply walk out on her? Yeah, that didn't work for me

Had that been the only instance, I could have overlooked it. But he continues this way of thinking and behavior until the 95% mark.
After their mission ends, Jake pretty much gives Angela an ultimatum. This is where he totally killed any semblance of like I might have had for him. His thinking and request was so unreasonable, given the situation. Then, after not having it go his way, he does something that I absolutely hated.

He does finally see the light somewhere around the 97% mark. Unfortunately for me, that was a case of too little too late. I also would have liked to see him grovel a little bit more for his stupid behavior.

He did do something in his attempt to show Angela his feelings instead of just saying, that I found really sweet. But it just wasn't enough for me.

Perhaps it was the shorter length of the novel that had me finding Jake a little two dimensional. Or it might have been the case of my own personal preferences. For whatever reason, the story just fell a little bit flat for me.

I love the author's writing style and I look forward to her future books. I just think that this particular books will be my least favorite in the series. Can't love them all unfortunately. But don't just take my word for it. The series is fantastic, and the story might be great for other readers.