Semper Fi - Laura Cooper, Christopher   Cooper Dear sexy, lickable, drool-inducing bookcover,

You and I need to have some words. You have deceived me once again. You advertise such sexiness inside, yet you didn't deliver. This was the last time I had relied on you to make a book choice. No more!


The book started out so good. It held such promise, and then 10% in, it just took a turn for the worst. So what didn't I like about it? hmmm


I wanted a mindless erotic read after some intense books I've read lately. Sadly, the book didn't even deliver that. You know that it's bad when you find yourself skimming through most of the sex scenes. image GASP!!! The horror!

There was this one scene on a sail boat with a pirate and captive scenario. This could have been good, but I found myself laughing histarically, and NOT because it was funny. In a span of 3 pages of this particular sex scene, the word "wench" is used by Logan 11 times, and yep, I counted!

The story itself is not very interesting. I found myself annoyed with Mattie less than 30% in and I couldn't really connect with Logan. The dialogue was comical and immature at times and the situations just not very realistic. Travis cheats of Mattie with her younger sister, and Mattie is very laid back about it because she's in love with Logan. Everything is hunky dory after that and Travis dates the sister because they are in love...only to cheat on her at the end and she breaks up with him. ummm right! And that is just one example of some very hard to believe situations in this book.

I hate giving poor reviews to books, but there was nothing really redeeming about this one for me.

1.5 stars...and that's only because I enjoyed the first few pages and the very first sex scene.