Hold Me Down Hard - Cathryn Fox 3 stars

This was a 51 page novella and a quick, though entirely forgettable erotic read.

The set up is this:

Eden Carver is a farm girl from Iowa that is perceived as a good girl, though she harbors a darker kinky side with a fetish for a man in uniform, handcuffs included (lol), and an intense attraction for her neighbor Jay, a cop (how convenient).

Jay in turn likes his sex dirty and lusts after Eden, but thinks she's way too innocent and good for the likes of him. Oh, and he also has this need to protect her from his dangerous life as a cop(meh).

In order to get Jay's attention, Eden, an actress that on occasion asks him to help her practice her lines, writes a script to help seduce him. Cue damsel in distress, hot cop rescues her, they have sex.

Then we have the typical "misunderstanding", after which they talk, then they make up and THE END!

I found the whole set up of this to be a little cheesy and a tad too predictably boring. There was nothing original about it for me.

Good girl harboring bad girl fetishes. Bad boy thinking the good girl is too innocent for his darker lusts. Been there, read that, got the T-shirt. Luckily this was a quicky, so I was able to finish it without too many eye rolls.

I am not a fan of novellas. They are just way to quick for me to get any sort of semblance for the characters or to even get a chance to care for them.

I do enjoy Cathryn Fox's writing style, and have read several books from her in the past. But such short novellas are just not my cuppa.

If you're looking for a super quick, though predictable, erotic read, maybe this would work for you. For me, it was just way too short. Perhaps if Ms. Fox writes a longer book in the future, I'd give it a shot.

So 3 fluffy meh stars from me

**Arc provided by Entangled Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review**