On Her Master's Secret Service - Lexi Blake image
"If you want to play, angel, we're going to play it my way. You want to take on the role of my slave? You better think about what that means. It means I'll have you the way I want you. I'll fuck you when I want, where I want, how I want, and I won't listen to your protests. You belong to me. Mine. You're fucking mine for however long this lasts"


Please let it all stop right here. Let this be it. Forever. Forever with his lips on mine and our hearts beating in time. Alex and Eve. Together.

Now THAT my friends is how you do Romantic Suspense!
I have loved this series since the very first book, [b:The Dom Who Loved Me|12712973|The Dom Who Loved Me (Masters and Mercenaries, #1)|Lexi Blake|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1316899154s/12712973.jpg|17847080]. And it only keeps getting better and better.

Six years ago FBI agent, Alex McKay, made a mistake that cost him everything. While pursuing a ruthless criminal, he chose to ignore the advise of his wife and brilliant profiler, his choices let to a devastating result that cost him what he values most, his marriage.

Now Alex and Eve exist in a state of limbo and the confines of a cold BDSM relationship that allows for sex but no intimacy. Eve views herself as broken and Alex suffers from guilt. Neither are willing to let go, but the relationship they once had is long gone.
They had begun their marriage on an island paradise, and they'd made love on the beach and watched the sun come up. She'd looked out and the ocean had seemed as endless as her love for him. The waves never ended, their potential infinite, and she and Alex had seemed the same way.
Her love was still there, but their potential had died in a fury of blood and pain and guilt. They were shattered. Nothing could take them back to a time when they weren't.

When the criminal that cost Alex and Eve everything escapes from prison and threatens Eve's safety once again, he is determined to bring him down at any expense. Going undercover, the case forces Alex and Eve together in something they didn't think they'd have again.

This book had everything: action, suspense, hot sex, and fantastic writing to wrap it all together flawlessly.

I really liked that Alex was not the typical Dom that I usually find in books. Sure he was possessive and super Alpha with a dirty mouth. What he wasn't was a manwhore. It has always been Eve for him since they met and married in their early 20s. I really liked that even though his marriage dissolved, he was still faithful to Eve. There was no unnecessary angst. The relationship between them was broken, but in a such a heartbreaking and realistic way, that it had me turning the pages anxious to see what happens.

He is determined to get his wife back, and he is prepared to do it at any cost. The sex scenes were hot, though I wouldn't say they were as erotic as the other books. I'd call it BDSM light, but it was still very hot.


What I really like about this book is that the romance and sex was seamlessly interwoven into the suspense plot. It was not out of place or repetitive or too much. I found it to perfectly balance out the story.

While the book brought back all of the favorite characters from the past book, it also introduced two very intriguing new characters in Kristen and Jesse. Kristen really made the book for me with her aura of mystery. She was such a fun supporting character. I loved her sense of humor.

"They think I'm a sweet little lesbian. It was easier that way. Until I met a Domme. She was scary and very aggressive, so now I'm a celibate lesbian because my lover died in a car crash and I can't get over her."

"If you decide I'm not trustworthy, shoot me in the gut because it would be a real loss to mar my boobs. They're real, by the way. Night."

Kristen is an enigma throughout the entire book, though we get a few hints here and there. Luckily, we get the answer for the mystery at the very end...and IT.IS.AWESOME!

We even get a little teaser into Ian's book. I have seriously been waiting for Ian's book from the very first. Something about the broken and jaded asshole Dom just speaks to me. And let me just tell you, the set up for his book?