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"Belong to me, Story. Even if it's just for a little while."

Tonight, she'd gone home with someone she thought was an expert player, but she'd woken up next to someone else entirely. Someone she hadn't been anticipating.

I would like to start my review with an announcement for all those that will be reading this book after me: I call DIBS! Yes, dibs! What? Yes we still use that! No, it's not juvenile, Gawd! Daniel is mine! I've already branded him, yep, tattooed my name on his ass so there's no confusion. Now that we have that figured out, back to my review.

If you read and loved [b:Protecting What's His|17413427|Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1)|Tessa Bailey||24259737], let me give you a shocker to end all shockers: This book is better!
I'll give you a minute to gather your whits here to get past the initial shock. Ready? Moving on!

I have developed a serious girl crush on Tessa Bailey. The woman is a rock star! She needs to release books on a weekly basis! What do you mean it's not possible?!!!!
I'll even settle for hiring her to read me adult bed time stories!

I mean the woman writes the hell out of a romance book! This book had it all: Daniel was hot as hell with such a deliciously filthy mouth, I had to keep an ice pack by me at all times while I was reading it. I might or might not have developed a case of lady blue ovaries while reading it.

But I digress yet again. Damn my short attention span!

Daniel is a player and he knows it. He's sinfully sexy so of course he's not used to hearing a woman say no to him. That is until he meets Story Brooks, the daughter of his mentor. And when said mentor forbids him from pursuing Story, Daniel knows all bets are off. He has to have her.

Story was an amazing heroine. She was spunky, she had a spine, and of course the humor that I have come to associate with Tessa Bailey's writing.

When her fiance calls off their wedding 2 weeks before while at a fancy restaurant; she doesn't pout, she doesn't cry. She puts on her big girl panties, and makes one hell of an exit.
"Actually," Story interceded with a bright smile, "I'd like a slice of chocolate cake and a bottle of your most expensive champagne, please. To go."
With a shrug, she raised the bottle to her lops and took a long healthy swig. Whispers and uncomfortable laughter filled the room.
A man and a woman sat shaking their heads.
She gestured with the bottle in their direction.
"Oh, what are you looking at? He's leaving me for someone with a bob. A fucking bob!

When she finds out that her somewhat estranged father has suffered a heart-attack, she packs her things and leave for New York. Of course she bumps into Daniel at the hospital, having had the pleasure of witnessing him picking up a nurse. So when Daniel tries to make a move on her, things don't go to what Danny boy is used to.
"You've got your eye on that healthy cereal bar. It's a bad selection. Pick something else."
"Did you have an alternate suggestion?"
"Peanut butter crackers. You can't go wrong there. They're the best bang for your buck."
"You know, I could have sworn you were going to pick the trail mix."
"Oh, yeah? Why is that?
"Because you're full of shit."

Daniel, never having a woman saying no to him, of course pursues her with a passion. The attraction between them is evident, but coming off a broken engagement (though one she's not too brokenhearted about), Story is hesitant to get involved with anyone again. But then a dare smashes her defenses to smithereens.
"Just that in my experience, guys who talk the biggest game are usually a letdown in the end."
"It wouldn't be disappointing."
"I'll tell you what. You've got one minute to prove me wrong."
His eyes narrowed. "Elaborate."
She slipped her phone out of her pocket and held it up. "I'll set the timer for one minute. You'll have sixty seconds to prove you're not just a bunch of talk."
Daniel glanced at the bed behind her. "The things I want to do to you, Story, would take a lot longer than sixty seconds. Your phone's battery would die well before I finished."
"Then show yourself the door."
"Set the damn timer."

Bet you're curious how that went, aren't you? Well, let's just say Daniel did not disappoint.
More than likely, his skill had been perfected with hundreds of women. And she'd just inflated his ego even more by acting out her own amateur version of Gone in Sixty Seconds against his leg.

So I'm sure you get the gist.

When these two finally got together? Sweet.Mother!!! It was HOT!

Daniel has now replaced my beloved Derek with his hot dirty talk. I mean the man is pure sex on a stick.
"Push your hot ass up against me and take it deeper." She arched her back to comply.
"What's the matter, Story? Don't you want me as deep as I can go?"
"Say it, then, baby. Say 'Daniel, please fuck me deep.'"
"Daniel..." She trailed off on a moan wanting to say the words but hesitating.
"Oh no. You wanted to be turned around and fucked like a bad girl. Now you'll say the bad words that go along with it. Tell me what you want."


It's amazing when you can pick up a book that has a perfect mix of sex AND plot. Was there a lot of hot sex in this book? GAWD YES! But it never felt like a filler or repetitive. Daniel and his filthy mouth made this book for me.
"Do you feel that, gorgeous? I keep my cock hot and hard for you. Only you. Any time you want it, you just crawl right onto my lap and take what you need."
"I need it now."


Of course this book had a great plot as well. It wasn't just all hot sex. (Did I mention that the sex was hot?) Oh, right! The plot!

The book had the humor that I've come to expect in this series. All the side characters were fantastic. The banter between Daniel and his friends and Story and her best friend were hilarious.

"Uh-oh." Brent reached into the console and picked up his two-way radio, pretending to turn it on, then holding it up to his mouth. "This is car two-twonine requesting backup. We've got an officer down. I repeat, officer down. Dispatch, please alert medical personnel that officer is whipped."
"Please remind me why we're friends."
"Aw, you love me, you dick."

I can probably go on and on with my undying woman-crush devotion for Tessa Bailey, but I won't. What are you still doing sitting there and reading this review? Go and read this book pronto!

Just remember to return Daniel to his proper owner, as his new ass tattoo clearly states, after you're done.

As for my rating?
5 Amazingly-Dirty Talkin-Panty Melting-Keep you Up All Night Reading-Wishing You Had your Very Own Daniel STARS!!!!!!

Cant't wait to read all about Brent next!

ARC kindly provided and very happily received, by Entangled Publishing via Netgalley