Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley I love Kristen's books. I first got hooked by reading "motorcycle man", after which I devoured the entire mystery man series, and got hooked on her Rock Chick series.
I am a huge fan of her writing, so when I saw that she took a step back from her usual writing style to write the more erotically toned, anti-hero series...I was all over it.
However, I am sad to say, that compared to her usual "OMG, NO! The book can't be over already" feeling I usually get; this book left me feeling just mehh. I neither loved nor hated it.
I am not sure what it was about this book that just didn't work for me. I just couldn't get a liking to either Anya or Knight. They were both fairly forgettable characters.

For those of you reading this book thinking it is BDSM, please read something else. It is an erotic romance with touches of control, but by no means a BDSM romance.

I guess my major problem with Knight and Anya was their dialogue. Particularly during the "steamy scenes". Every time I read her or even worse, Knight referring to himself, as "Daddy", I cringed. It's silly that something as little as this killed the tone of the book for me...but it really did.

Minor Spoilers Below!!!

I understand the concept of the anti-hero with Knight, and unlike some reviewers, it wasn't THAT bad for me to find out what he did for a living. Given his background, it more or less lets the reader understand why he does what he does. BUT...when you find out that Knight is a pimp, that whole "Daddy" during love scenes made it even more cringe worthy for me.

Other than that, the book was ok. I am sad to say this is one of the first of Kristen's I didn't LOVE. It was more or less forgettable. Neither bad nor good.

If you go into this book with expectations of anything other than what Kristen Ashley describes it as...don't bother. You are doing both the author and yourself a disservice. You will not enjoy it. Do not wait for Knight to redeem himself and turn his life of crime around. It is called anti-hero for a reason.

It is an enjoyable read, although albeit a forgettable one.