Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec I seriously don't remember a time when I have laughed so many times while reading a book. This was such an entertaining read from beginning to end.

Aside from loving the story of Carter and Claire, and their steamy STEAMY reunion - This book was HILARIOUS!

I kept laughing out loud like a loon the whole time. My poor husband had no idea what was wrong with me. But how can I explain the brilliance that I have found is Tara Sivec without that person actually experiencing it themselves.

Loved this book! Amazing love story. Incredible characters that you fall from from the very beginning (even Drew). Gawd! those t-shirts. When he bought Gavin a shirt that said "Hung like a 5 year old" I just about peed myself. It had everything: a great Romance, steamy sex scenes, and a laugh out loud humor that is a rare find for me in books nowadays.

read it and experience it for yourself. you will not be disappointed. The amount of one liners that I have accumulated from this book is worth it alone!