Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me, #4) - Kallypso Masters After patiently (*SNORT) awaiting the release of this book, when I finally bought it, I stayed up all night reading it.

All I can say is wow.

This is a bit different from the other books. It is a lot darker and so much more emotional. But what an incredible story.

Savi's struggle to deal with her incredibly traumatic childhood was almost difficult to read at times. I lost count of the times I cried during this book. She has such a difficult past, yet you are cheering for her and she comes out so strong through the pages and in the end.

And Damian was the ultimate hero. The way that he helps Savi deal with the pain of her past to get through it, while suffering his own dark memories was amazing.

You feel for these 2 characters. You cry for them. You root for them.

Kallypso Masters took on an incredibly difficult subject of abuse, yet the way she wrote it - I am now convinced she can do no wrong. It was realistic, heartfelt, and heart-breaking.

I was waiting for the continuation of Marc and Angelina's story in Nobody's Perfect, as I have read that she might do. However, that did not happen. I later read that she decided to do that in a different book since she felt that they would take away from the main story of Damian and Savanna. I cannot agree more.

This book was an emotional roller coaster for me to get through, but boy was it worth it.