Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2) - C.J. Roberts Every now and then, you read a book that once you finished you feel a sense of loss. Not that you lost time reading it. But you feel at a loss as to what to read after it, b/c what you just read was THAT good, you really don't know if anything will ever compare.

Well, this book was that for me.

Let me start out by saying that I read A LOT. I probably go through at the very least 3-4 books a week. I have read everything from quirky contemporary romance to erotica, to hard core BDSM romance novel. After a while, all these books tend to blend together, sound the same, and is more of a form of escapism than anything else. It is very rare for me to read something that leaves such a dramatic impact on me as I was left after finishing the Dark Duet.

C.J. Roberts is an incredibly talented writer. Are there grammatical errors in the novel? sure. But it is impossible for that to take away anything from the book.

I decided to leave off writing a review upon finishing Captive in the Dark, until I read Seduced in the Dark, but my review will focus mainly on Seduced, and the overall journey of Caleb and Olivia.

Seduced in the Dark was an emotional roller coaster for me to get through. It takes a phenomenal author to take a character as dark and devastatingly broken as Caleb and make you feel for him. You want to hate him, you feel like you HAVE to hate him, but you ache for him, you root for him.

Olivia is not your typical female heroine. Even though she is young, she is incredibly strong.

The way that Seduced in the Dark is written is a combination of Olivia's first person account, Caleb's side, memories, and Mathew Reed (the FBI agent). It is so expertly woven together, that you see it unfold before your eyes like a movie. Ms.Roberts expertly weaves a tale that kept me up all night to finish. It was dark, it was raw, it was gritty, it was FRIGGIN AMAZING!

and can I just add....HOLY PLOT TWIST Batman. I did NOT see that coming toward the end of the novel. This book was a shock and awe for me. I loved it.

C.J. Roberts is now going on my list of favorite authors.