Kiss a Falling Star - Barbara Elsborg Barbara Elsborg is my go-to author to read when I feel like reading a book that not only has some amazing steam and love scenes, but wit, humor AND an interesting plot.

I've loved "An Ordinary Girl" and "Strangers".

Kiss a Falling Star was a good read. But it wasn't great. I did really enjoy it, but this will be a first time I rate one of Ms. Elsborg's novel with something less than a 5.

Kiss a Falling Star has a lot of great things going for. Some really HOT love scenes, laugh out loud moments, and suspense. I can honestly say I did not see that ending coming. But it almost felt as if there were too many potential villains after Ally.

I wanted to love Caspar. He was sexy, he was broody, he was broken..... he came off like a woman on PMS at times with his mood swings. GAH! There were moments where I just wanted to smack him to reason!

He went through a lot, and his broodiness is understandable. However, I felt like there was just too many misunderstandings between him and Ally due to him jumping to conclusions, while Ally always gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Other than that I truly enjoyed the book, and will definitely be purchasing future books by Barbara Elsborg. Yes, there were things that irked me about the book, but I would still def. recommend it to others.