Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley ok, seriously?! seriously?! can the woman do no wrong. I loved her Rock Chicks series, loved loved the Mystery Man Series, and absolutely adored the Colorado Man series. After that I was in Kristen Ashley withdrawal, so I decided to give The Burg a chance.


I loved this book. I loved everything about it. But what I absolutely loved the most, is that Kristen Ashley has managed to create one of my most favorite heroines I have ever read about EVER!

Dusty has some bad times in her past, but she is beyond normal. she does not have any hang-ups, she doesn't play games, she's not wishy washy. She knows what she wants, means what she says, and does what she wants. She is a strong, independent woman that you fall in love with on the first pages and keep rooting for her until the very end.

Mike *wipes drool*. Oh Mike. He is so damn sexy! He has his d!ck moments in the very beginning. He then handles his shit and takes care of everything. It was so fun to read the relationship develop between him and Dusty as well as his kids.

The plot was great. As in typical Kristen Ashley fashion, this is a long book, but it does not drag on at all. It keeps you engaged until the very last page.

The side plot of Fin and Reesee's budding love was a wonderful little plot.

And of course, nothing beats a Kristen Ashley epilogue. NO ONE does an epilogue like this woman. NO ONE. Her epilogues are like having a triple chocolate cake after an incredible orgasm that is her book. This book's epilogue was no exception.