Down to You - M. Leighton *sigh* I did it again. I allowed myself to be seduced by a sexy cover and amazing arc reviews.

I had such high hopes for this book. Maybe that was the issue? I set my expectations too high? I don't know.

I started out great! the first couple of chapters drew me in... and then it just sizzled out. It wasn't any one thing in particular, but a few things for me.

I found a lack in character development. It bounced around from one point of view to the next throughout the book, but I never really got to know any of the characters too well. I am not sure if the author did this because she will be writing a follow up to this book or not, but it def. put a damper on my enjoyment of this particular novel.

There is a cliff hanger in the end that makes it obvious that there will be another book following. Thankfully though, unlike many other series, at least the love angle was resolved toward the end. I was happy about that.

However, as to the rest, it just felt a bit rushed for me. Everything: the timing in which the H/h got together, the "fight" between them, and the resolution.

Don't get me wrong. This book had many things going for it. It is well written, the plot is interesting, and I certainly enjoyed the author's spin on the classic "love triangle". However, once I did finish reading it, the only word that came to my mind to describe it was "meh". I neither loved it, nor did I hate it. So a 3 star read for me.

I will be curious to read the follow up to this, but I will not be rushing to buy it as soon as it hits the bookshelves either.