Until the Sun Falls from the Sky  - Kristen Ashley You know those authors that write a particular genre of books, and all of a sudden they switch to a whole different genre...but it reads the same? Like you are reading the same book but with different names for the H/h.
Kristen Ashley is NOT one of those authors..and this is NOT one of those books.

That "same book" effect has happened to me so much with a lot of my favorite authors, so I was a little concerned in reading this book after practically devouring her Dream Man, Colorado Man, and the Burg series. I was in a desperate Kristen Ashley book mood and i needed a fix, so I gave this book a shot. Boy am I so glad I did!

I will not go into the plot, as many people have already mentioned it. I will say that I loved absolutely everything about this book. Lucien is H-A-W-T HOT! He is the ultimate Alpha Vampire. Leah is one of my favorite heroines (I feel like I say this about all of Ms.Ashley's heroines...but it's true) She is spunky, in your face, take no shit from anyone kind of awesome.

I particularly love the fact that Kristen Ashley does not make her heroines to be 20 something ingenues. They are older, wiser, still kick ass women you can relate to, and have lived their lives where they are the perfect match for the hero. That is what Leah is for Lucien. The sexual tension in this book is unreal. I was so frustrated at times I just wanted to yell out "JUST DO IT ALREADY"! But this is what makes it all the better when you get to the good stuff. Wow!

This book had clever world building, a H and h that burn up the pages with their chemistry, an addicting and engaging plot, and so so much more. I cannot wait for the 2nd book in this series.

Seriously. read it! you have to!