Make it Last - Bethany Lopez I thought that this was a cute book and I enjoyed it. That is to say UNTIL I got to the part where Colin and Briana get back together. It just seemed too easy to me. I guess I wanted to see Colin really work for it and it just seems that Briana forgave him way too fast. Still, I would have given the book 3.5 stars at that.

However, then I got to the part about Colin's ex-girlfriend.....WHAAAA??? Really? That just absolutely killed the story for me. I can't even wrap my mind around what I hated more about. One...the situation itself, Two...Briana's absolutely CALM reaction to it, and Three...the way it resolved itself.

That alone dropped it to a 2 star rating for me. The story had potential, it had a long build-up during the 1st half, but midway through it, it just felt like the author rushed to finish and resolve all and wrap it up in a pretty little bow. It just didn't work for me.

I will read the next book out of curiosity. The writing had potential, and if it wasn't for the event of the ex...I would have enjoyed it much more.