The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling I went into this with some high expectation based on all the great reviews...maybe that was my problem, I set the bar too high.
Usually I rate a book based on how I feel after finishing it. Once I read the last page, my one thought was "Meh". That's about it. This book was neither great nor was it bad, it just was. So a fair rating would be 3 stars.

There were a number of reasons that I wasn't all that thrilled with it. Oddly enough it wasn't the reason a lot of spoiler reviews revealed. I was actually ok with it.

I think my 2 biggest problems were (minor spoilers below):
1. I felt like Jake and Cassie's love happened too fast to be truly believable. He's a player; she's attracted to him but wants nothing to do with him; he chases her; she says no; he asks her out a few more times and she agrees. They go on one date, open their secrets and share with each other what they typically don't with everyone else and BAM! all of a sudden they are inseparable. I'm not sure what I was expecting...maybe a little bit more cat and mouse? This is more of a personal preference in my books, so I can't come down on the author for doing it this way.

2. The big betrayal...well...ok, I could look past that. HOWEVER, what I didn't like is everything that happened after (the way that Jake handles everything)...I mean seriously? gah!
But after this whole build up of Cassie and her 4 rules, I felt like aside from time passing...she didn't really make Jake work for it. I mean...she actually attempts to right things herself at one point(uh uh girlfriend!! *wags finger*) I know a lot of readers mentioned in their reviews that Jake redeemed himself, but I just didn't feel that way. I felt like he did nothing aside from his "grand gesture" toward the end of the book. All the rest was more coincidences and poor choices on his behalf.

All in all, this book was just OK for me. I enjoyed it, while having issues with some parts of it, but it is not a book I would come back to or place on my favorites shelf.