The Unwanted Wife - Natasha Anders I stumbled on this book by pure chance. It was on Amazon, it was a cheap purchase...and I thought "what the heck". I now have myself an author who I am eagerly anticipating future books from. It's almost hard to believe that she doesn't have any other books out (at least none I have heard of)

Alessandro de Lucci and Theresa de Lucci have been married for over a year. All Sandro wans from his wife is a son, and after a year of wanting nothing more than her husband's love, all Theresa wants now is a divorce. However after a year of being cold and heartless to his wife, Sandro realizes that he is not quite ready to let her go.

This book was amazing and heart breaking. Theresa goes from a meek little mouse to a woman who is finally able to take charge of her life. What she wants first, is out of her cold and loveless marriage. However, upon discovering that his reasons for resenting Theresa are not quite what he thought them to be, Sandro doesn't want to let his wife go.

I wanted to hate him, I wanted to slap him, and until the last page I was rooting for him.

There are many tear jerking moments, steamy moments, and just so much more to this book than what the blurb hints to. It was so good that I read the whole thing in one sitting...I just couldn't put it down.

Looking forward to future works from Ms. Anders