The Devil's Pawn - Elizabeth Finn Ok WOW!

This book is definitely not for for everyone, but Oh My God is it good.

This is the second book I have read by Elizabeth Finn...and I am so glad I decided to give this author another try.

I read Restoring Jordan first, but wasn't too thrilled with it. So why would I purchase another book from this author? Because the woman can write! My dislike of Restoring Jordan was due to my own personal preference and dislike of the main heroine...But I have to admit, the book was still amazingly well written. So I gave it one more go with Devil's Pawn.

I read the blurb to Devil's Pawn and it sounded promising. So here I sit, writing this author's praises after finishing this book in 4 hrs.

This is definitely a dark read. Ashton and Derek's story is not an easy one. It is filled with heartbreak and is not a happy go lucky Romance by any means. But you feel for them, you ache for them. Ashton is in an impossible situation, and as more and more is revealed about it, you can't help but feel it with her.

The entire book is written in Ashton's POV, but the author still does an amazing job at giving the readers an insight to Derek.

Now for those that are squeemish with certain situations, there is a doozy in this book. Once Ashton and Derek start sleeping together and you can see a bond forming between them, she is forced to "see" a client. It is heart wrenching, and you can feel her struggle, but it happens. Only once mind you...but for some I can see how this might be tough to stomach

It did not ruin anything for me. I was able to enjoy the story thoroughly.