Restoring Jordan - Elizabeth Finn This was just an OK read for me. I found myself skipping through most of the middle of the book, it just seemed to drag. It was a steamy read, but somewhere after 30% in, I just lost interest.
I think perhaps the reason for that was my dislike of Adeline. I prefer my female heroines to be witty, strong, and I found Addy to be...well...spineless. I lost track the amount of times in the book that she either had her feelings hurt, was humiliated, or cried...yet I never really saw her stand up for herself.
I am just tired of the mousy innocent virgin meets the big bad Alpha play boy plot line, but I will read it. When the mousy virgin has almost no back bone through the book, its just cringe worthy to me. I kept waiting for Adeline to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING...but it never happened.
So I'll say this was a 2.5 star read for me. Good steam factor...but the plot and characters were lacking for me. The book was still well written, I think what stopped me from enjoying it further was my own personal preferences.