Addicted to You (One Night of Passion, #1) - Bethany Kane Hmm...this is a toughie for me.

I'd say that the story itself was just average for me, neither great, nor bad.

Rill is a Hollywood director, who after losing his wife, goes on a bit of a recluse in Volture's Canyon that involves little thinking and a whole lot of drinking. All the while, we find out that he's also suppressing his basic sexual (raunchy) urges. ehhh...OK...been there read that.

In comes Katie Hughes, his dead wife's best friend and his best friend's sister, to save him.

There's a bit of a villain? I guess you can call him that...although it doesn't really get resolved at the end. Perhaps the author plans on doing that in the future books in this series (I haven't read them yet)

The plot is neither boring nor exiting, it just IS. That's the most I can say about it. for the other part of this book: zeeee sex!



Mother of GAWD does Bethany Kane know how to write a good sex scene. That alone took this book from a 2.5 star to a 4 star read for me. They are long and the are HAWT! The author manages to do what a lot cannot...the lengthy sex scenes are never boring, repetitive, or drawn out. I might have needed a cold shower after certain chapters. Phew!

So my humble opinion? Average plot with above average shmexy scenes.

oh and my mental image of Rill didn't hurt either

4 stars