Up in Flames - Nicole  Williams I'm not big on YA fiction, I'll admit. However, after reading Crash, and enjoying it, I decided to give this NA novel a chance.

I'm in a bit of an internal debate with my rating however. The book was good. It was well written, angsty, and steamy. So what made this not a 5 star read for me? The main heroine, Elle.

minor spoilers below

NOTHING irritates me more than an indecisive heroine that strings along a wonderful boyfriend while caught up in an affair with another guy. Yes, it is made clear that she is with Logan more out of obligation, or just b/c that is what is expected of her than it is out of true love. HOWEVER, she still strings him along until the very end while sleeping with Cole. She never truly tells him, Logan catches them in the act! GAH! I wanted to smack her!

It seems to be a bit of a double standard in certain books I've been reading lately. If this had been the hero acting like this, readers would be yelling about what an a-hole he is. But it is ok for the female to do this b/c she is confused?

What bothered me even more? Elle is the stereotypical good girl. She does what she is told, she doesn't even swear. But she still cheats on her boyfriend that she knows is about to propose to her?

Truthfully, I'd say this is a 3 star read for me. I will give it one more star simply out of the understanding that Elle JUST graduated high school..so some angst, misunderstanding, and actions can be written away by her naivety and immaturity.

I truly did enjoy the writing style of this author and the story itself. But my own personal bias keeps me from giving this book a 5 star review. So I will stick with 4*