Redemption (The Bet #2) - Francette Phal Hoo boy! I'm a bit at a loss for words here.

I was hesitant to read The Bet duet based on all the mixed reviews I read, but decided to give it a shot. Even though these 2 books are a duet, they couldn't be more different for me.

Meet Nicholas image

It has been 10 years since that fateful night and both Ellie and Nicholas have moved on...or have they?

Nicholas is still the sadistic and heartless businessman. He has acquired his billions and is happy to be where he is...except for one thing: when he closes his eyes, it's still the familiar hazel eyes he dreams of.

Ellie is now engaged to Devlin, she is happy and contempt, raising her children and planning the rest of her life.

This all changes at her engagement party where Nicholas Grayson comes storming back into her life.

I was eagerly anticipating the moment when Ellie and Nicholas would reunite, and couldn't wait to see what happened. But then this book took a turn for me.

Nicholas went from image

What would happen if Martin Scorsese wrote a romance novel? Well, about 2/3rds of this book!

There was a psycho ex, a stalkerish "Crush"-like PA, kidnappings, murders, torture...good god!

The author does a fantastic job in showing the reader everything, painting the story beautifully. However, I felt there was just TOO much going on. Even though the author does a good job in transitioning view points, there were just too many of them. I don't think it was necessary for every single character to get their own POV.

Francette Phal does have a beautiful writing style. So much so, that I was able to overlook the grammatical errors. The story itself is what fizzled my enjoyment.

Ellie and Nicholas do get their HEA...but HOW they get there...well...
image It was almost too much at times. No wait! scratch that! it WAS too much at times.

I was glad to read their HEA, but I will definitely not be coming back to this book.