Making You Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #5) - Elizabeth Reyes I wanted to like this book. Heck, after buying it after reading all the great reviews, I was expecting to like this book! Alas, I feel like I am being generous giving it the 3 stars that I am.

This is the first book out the series that I have read, but I have a feeling it might also be my last as well.

It started out pretty good, but then is started fizzling out in the middle. I stuck through it, hoping it will get better towards the end- but it never happened.

The whole book read like an episode out of a bad soap opera.

I did not care for Sal. Yes, he is your typical Alpha hero, but he is unbearable. I got super irritated when he was jealous of his girlfriend's 2 gay best friends, since hey, you never know, "a lot of those guys swing both ways". GAH! seriously? when I read that, I wanted to toss my nook across the room.

Aside from that, this book just read like any other typical contp. romance novel to me.

Boy meets girl
Boy and girl do not like each other and do not get along
Boy and girl realize that they are actually not getting along because they are *GASP* having feelings for one another
girl is an inexperienced virgin, while the boy has been around his share
enter "villain/problem" that tear them apart
a whole lot of angst goes on
boy and girl get back together
The end

Some Spoilers below
I felt that after ALL that happened, Grace forgave Sal way too easily and quickly in the end. Particularly given how he approached the subject. And of course the pregnancy just wrapped everything up in a pretty little bow.

I did not care for this book at all. Maybe this was since I read so much, I hope/expect for the books I read to stand out from one another, not blend in. But this was not such a book for me. I do not think I will be reading the others in the series.