Never Too Far - Abbi Glines 3.5 stars

I enjoyed Never Too Far, but I didn't seem to LOVE it like a lot of other reviewers seemed to.

Why is that? I found this story really fell flat for me towards the end. There seemed to be all this build up but no TRUE resolution (at least not for me). I thought that the ending seemed rushed and incomplete. It just seems that the entire book hinted towards a little more resolution between Blaire and Nan and her family, but it never happened. It hinted towards it, with a more or less fade to black effect in the very end. I was very disappointed with this. Yes, I wanted to see Blaire and Rush get their HEA, but with the introduction of Nan and Blaire's father in both books I suppose I wanted more something from their relationship as well. The book is in dire need of an epilogue.

I read that Abbi Glines will be releasing a third book for Baire and Rush for this reason and I look forward to read more of their story. It was a steamy and angsty read...but not very memorable. I liked it, it was OK. I supposed I may be jaded to the typical NA angsty reads that I expect a little bit more from the books I read...but that is just my own personal preference. It was a good quick read, but nothing I would come back to.

I am highly looking forward to reading about Grant and Woods.