Dark Light (Dark Light, #1) - S.L. Jennings A solid 3 star read

While this book will not be making it to my favorites shelf, it was still a pretty good read. The first 50% really dragged for me. I had a really tough time getting into the story. I'd say the first half of this book would have been a 1 star rating, but the action picked up in the second half so I'll bump it to 3 stars.

What I liked:

The story: The plot itself had a very interesting promise. I've read quite a few paranormal and fantasy books and yet this still had a uniqueness to it that made it stand out from the rest.

Dorian: image
image Enough said!

What I didn't like:
She came off as whiny and stupid. I can deal with the whiny parts but then there are parts that are so glaringly obvious and she doesn't get it until the end...I mean C'MON!!! Some of these things couldn't be more obvious if they smacked her on the forehead...and she STILL DOESN'T GET IT! GAH!

The writing and dialogue: The dialogue between characters and even Gabriella and Dorian is at times overly childish and borderline comical (and not in a way that was meant to be funny). I had a tough time getting through some of the pages because of this. Even the steamy scenes (and there were quite a few) were ruined for me because of this.

..."The gap between my legs is humid with expectation"

"...slowly stripping it from my body until it is on the floor. I sit before him, bare-nippled
ummmm...mkay...never really heard it be referred to quite that way...moving on

... "I lift my hips to meet his stiff middle"

... "He unleashes his hard length"

... "He is filling me up, stretching my walls, losing himself in my secret place"

Maybe some would be able to read past this. I am not saying I am some kind of sex scene writing expert [but I've read enough to know what I like...call me a connoisseur of sorts :)]

I lost count the amount of times Gabrielle giggled, or Dorian snickered, cooed, or breathed a sentence.

It wasn't all bad, but the things that I did dislike stuck out like a sore thumb for me.

I will be reading the second book in the series, because the 2nd half of this book and the cliff-hanger ending (although I saw it coming at about 20% in) does have me intrigued as to where it will go.