Hector (5th Street, #3) - Elizabeth Reyes This turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me.

After reading Making You Mine, my first and only book by Elizabeth Reyes - and not really liking it- I wasn't really planning on giving the author another shot.

After reading all of the rave reviews on this book, my curiosity finally got the best of me.

I truly enjoyed this one. Was it a typical NA angsty romance? Well, yes, it was. But it was still a fantastic story.

I was hesitant to continue to read it after the first introduction of Charlee. I am just not a huge fan of extremely shy, too innocent to believe and awkward heroines. But she turned out to be so much more. While she is shy, she has a backbone, and does show it at the opportune time. Also, turns out, she has quite an uhem...freaky side to her. She really gave new meaning to the adage that it's the quiet ones that you gotta worry about. I mean I gotta admit, when I read about their first time together, and Charlee had her reveal to Hector to reveal some things after...

Hector is as Alpha as they come. He is protective, possessive, and jealous. But not in an unbearable way (which is how I found Salavdor Moreno to be in Making You Mine, and hated it!)Did I mention he's also a boxer?

This was a very entertaining 4.5 stars for me. I will be picking up the other books in this series, since now I am curious if perhaps it was just the Moreno Brothers series that didn't quite work for me.