Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1) - Suzanne  Wright This book should come with a warning label.

You read it and

Seriously! Don't say I didn't warn you.

My casting


This is by far one of the best erotic paranormal romances I have read in a while. There was very little I disliked about it. What I absolutely adored about it were the main characters.

The romance between Trey and Taryn is not insta-love. I truly enjoyed watching their feelings develop from lust to genuine caring for one another.
“How does it feel? To know you hold my sanity in your hands?”

Trey is as alpha as they come. He is rude, crude, and oh so sexy!

“I’ve met guys like you before. They talk the talk but, well… talking doesn’t exactly get people to orgasm, does it?”

Trey smiled wickedly. “When I fuck you, Taryn— and make no mistake about it, baby, I will fuck you— the only talking you’ll be doing is begging me to let you come. And don’t doubt that I’ll make you come. Not just the once. You’ll come over and over again, until I decide you’ve had enough. Until I decide that I’ve had enough.”

Taryn is by far, hands down my favorite heroine that I've read. I developed a girl crush on her. If I were to bat for the other team, she will be on my list of fictional girlfriends. It was so refreshing to read about a heroine that isn't some virginal ingenue, stands up for herself, and has a sharp tongue and sarcastic tendencies.

“We should probably clear this up right now, psycho boy. I don’t have a submissive bone in my body, so don’t bark at me unless you’re happy to be ignored.”

She doesn't back down from anyone or anything and can deliver some of the best lines I have ever read.

“I suppose this is the part where you enlighten me about how you’re his ex— perhaps even the love of his life— and then I’m supposed to feel insanely jealous. Sorry, but it’s just too early in the morning for me to muster that kind of response. Maybe you should try again later.” Though that wasn’t to say that Taryn wasn’t tempted to slap her purely for having touched Trey— as idiotic as that was.

“Seriously, Trey, you can’t honestly have mated her. She’s not even your type. I mean, she’s thin. And mouthy. And small. Even her boobs are on the small side.”

“I have nice feet.”

“You’re not his type!”

“You mean because I can read and write?”

She is not some damsel in distress, she is Trey equal in every sense, and Alpha female.

“Oh. And what is it you think you’re going to do to me now?”

Mousy smirked. “I’m thinking that I’d like to fuck that mouth of yours.”

“Sorry. I was raised to never put small objects in my mouth or I might choke.”

To top it off, she can kick some ass. Honestly, girl crush material!

The book also had some of the most creative curses I had ever read

“You motherfucking, ass-licking, son of a goddamn cocksucking bitch!”

It's an erotic romance, so the steam is off the charts. Suzanne Wright has a definite gift for writing a smoking hot love scene. Ladies, I'd warn you to have a few pairs of clean undies on hand when reading this they will be melted off.

It wasn't all just book porn; it had a great plot and many laugh out loud moments.
“And yet you haven’t thrown out your inherently evil grandmother.”

Chuckling, he shaped her waist with his hands. “I know she’s being a little difficult right now, but she’s one of those people who grow on you.”

“No, she’s one of those people who are like Slinkys.”


“Yeah. Basically useless, but they make you smile when you push them down the stairs.”

If you like your romances steamy, your heroines feisty and kick-ass, and your heroes Alpha, dirty-mouthed, and seriously sexy than this book is for you!

5 sexy stars from me