Breakaway (Heller Brothers, #1) - Kelly Jamieson When I first read the blurb for this book, I thought
HAWT! another spicy sports romance! Loves me some of that!

I started to read it, and got pretty into the story. I enjoyed Jason and Remi's characters...and the 2 of them together

and then...well...

Everything is going smooth. There are some conflicts thrown in between Remi and Jason and her not being able to deal with his fame at first. There is also some added drama of Remi dealing with her two siblings.

But then then I got to the 75% mark of this book, and something happens and I was just...


Of all the plot twists the author could have thrown in...this one was a doozy for me.

Jason's ex girlfriend gets pregnant and decides to keep the baby while complaining that she doesn't want to gain too much weight or quit smoking. Remi accepts this at the end of the book and the stay together with her being supportive of him having a baby with another woman. There's NO epilogue, nothing. Just everything is all of a sudden hunky dory and BAM! the book ends...umm whaaa?

This is my own personal bias. Of course there are plenty of readers that would not really blink at this type of thing and still be able to enjoy the story. Alas, I was not one of those.

Let me explain why. I read for escapism. Books are a guilty pleasure for me. Sure I can deal with some real life situations and realism...but in an erotic romance, this type of "realistic situation"'s just not my cup of tea. It really, for lack of a better phrase, kills the mood for me.

I also felt that with that type of ending, the book could have used an epilogue.

I didn't enjoy reading about Remi's siblings. I found them to be selfish and self involved. The ending really didn't help matters any either.

So I'd rate this 2.5 stars. It had promise and some very sexy love scenes, but overall really fell flat and will not be anything I come back to.