Real - Katy Evans 4.5 stars


Wow. The last 15% of this book have left me speechless. What a ride!

It's hard to believe that this was Katy Evan's debut book. It was fantastic.

It was fast paced, emotional, and filled with so much sexual tension I thought my ovaries would burst. Seriously. It's tough to pull off sexual tension of that caliber. The chemistry between Brooke and Remy was searing, and you just felt it right along with them.

A few things I didn't like:

At times I did have moments where I felt that Brooke and Mel's dialogue came off a little bit juvenile, but it wasn't that much of a biggie.

I didn't enjoy the way that Brooke leaves Remy when something bad happens. It was hard for me to forgive her for this...ESPECIALLY when we learn why he did it

However, all that in consideration, this book was still great. I gobbled it up in one day and loved every steamy minute of it.