Muscle For Hire - Lexxie Couper Hoo boy...this book

After reading and loving [b:Love's Rhythm|13489378|Love's Rhythm (Heart of Fame, #1)|Lexxie Couper||19027974], I was so excited to see that Aslin would be getting his own book. I mean a book about a sexy British bodyguard?

Unfortunately, this book just did not deliver. At least not for me.

It started out pretty good. I loved how Aslin and Rowan first meet She kicks his butt I thought I'd really enjoy reading about a heroine like Rowan; she is a martial arts expert after all. Ultimately, I found her character to be vulgar and irritating.

I struggled to connect with the story, it felt rushed, considering the entire thing takes place over a few days.

Aslin and Rowan meet and all they can think of is


Then we get a dance of push and pull where Rowan goes from "I want you" to "I don't want you" over and over and over. They almost have sex in an alley, then they almost have sex on a bike...until finally they go at it like monkeys in his trailer.

At that point though...

During Aslin's internal dialogue, he constantly refers to himself as "boyo", which just started grating on me at 60%.

Rowan keeps constantly referring to him as "soldier boy"

I wouldn't call this a romantic suspense novel. I would say that this was an erotic romance with a little suspense thrown in.

I found the relationship that took place between Rowan and Aslin to be rushed and unrealistic. They go from having sex to being in love in a day or 2. That is not something I enjoy reading.

I understood the reasoning behind Rowan's tough-act persona, but I was never able to connect with her character. She came off as a little too vulgar and hard-ass for my taste. Some might enjoy this type of heroine, but that just wasn't me.

At around 30% the whole thing just started dragging, and my interest began to wane and I began to skim pages. By the time it started to pick up a little at 70%, I was already at a point where it was more or less

Don't get me wrong; Lexxie Couper is a fantastic writer. She knows how to write one hell of a sex scene. Many might truly enjoy this book (though I'd recommend reading [b:Love's Rhythm|13489378|Love's Rhythm (Heart of Fame, #1)|Lexxie Couper||19027974] first).

I just didn't enjoy it and this was due to my own personal preferences.

I'll certainly be reading the next book in this series, since it wasn't the writing, but the story itself that didn't work for me.