Love Irresistibly (FBI / US Attorney, #4) - Julie James Cade Morgan
(I hear the words sexy attorney, and his picture just pops up...can't help it)

Brooke Parker

Julie James has a gift. She can write a book that will suck you in from the very first chapter (just see

[b:Something About You|6642402|Something About You (FBI / US Attorney, #1)|Julie James||6836876]) and keep you enthralled until the very last page. She writes some of the best characters that I've ever read, and that doesn't just stop with the hero and heroine. She has this knack for writing extremely endearing and entertaining supporting characters, like Brooke's best friend, Ford. The banter between the 2 kept me laughing all through the book.

"You know, I'm not sure I'm feeling the proper level of sympathy here," she told Ford. "I think we need a little more rallying around the dumpee. If you were a woman and I'd told you that the third guy in eighteen months had broken up with me, right now we'd be drinking lemon drop martinis and giving each other female empowerment pep talks about how we don't need a man in our lives to feel complete. And then we'd watch The Notebook and drool over Ryan Gosling."
Ford flashed her a grin as he stretched an arm across the back of his chair. "Sorry, babe. But when they handed out best friends, you drew the straw with a penis attached. That means no Ryan Gosling."

What I truly love about her books, and this one in particular; is the way she writes the heroines. They are no meek kittens. They're sassy, funny, professional women, who kick butt and take names, while at the same time being completely relatable and endearing. This is what I really loved about Brooke.

When Cade Morgan comes charging into Brooke's office with a demand that she help him in an investigation he is a part of, she is very quick to set him in his place.

He'd come here, to her office, to as for her help. Now he was threatening her with obstruction of justice charges - and most annoyingly, he was doing it with a smile.
So she returned the favor. "That is nice, Mr. Morgan. Because in response to your tough-guy speech, I, in turn, would've had to give you my tough-girl speech, about where, exactly, federal prosecutors who come to my office looking for assistance can stick their obstruction of justice threats." She smiled ever so charmingly. "So I'm glad we were able to sidestep that whole ugly business. Whew."

Cade and Morgan are both workaholics, whose love lives have suffered because of their line of work. So when sparks fly between them, they are both unable to see themselves in a serious relationship but still unable to deny the pull toward each other.

I'm still laughing over the scene where Brooke had to google the rules to casual relationships.
This had to be a joke. No personal gifts except for sex toys? Sure, because nothing said "I like but don't love you" like a "just because" vibrator

The chemistry between Cade and Brooke was incredible, and the love scenes were down right scorching...I'd even go so far as to say the hottest out of the entire series that I've read.

The relationship between them was not insta-love, and I really enjoyed that. There is no rush to the "I love yous", no sudden marriage proposals, no unnecessary angst. It was real, and it had problems, and the way that they got through them was very realistic while still giving us the HEA.

I also loved reading about all the previous characters from the series and seeing where they are at; pregnancies and engagements and weddings.

This series has been on my auto-buy list since the very first book, and it only gets better and better with each book. Of course it doesn't hurt that they are based in my home-town of Chicago, and I love reading about all the different places that I know and love.

If you have never read a book by Julie James, you are seriously missing out. This book can be read as a stand alone, but I would highly recommend starting with the very first book, since a lot of the characters are introduced that are then in the later books. But more so, they are simply FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC books.

5+++++ stars from me!