Rush Me - Allison Parr 3.5 stars

If I'm being perfectly honest, this whole book read like a B grade Romantic Comedy. But something about that just really worked for me. I was surprised to find myself really enjoying it, and read it in one sitting. There were things that I really liked, and a few things I didn't. But overall, it was a pretty good book.

Rachel Hamilton
image is a post-grad living in Brooklyn with her friend and trying to make a career while interning at a publishing company. She has big dreams, but battles fear of rejection and shyness.

On her way to a theater party, she accidentally crashes what turns out to be a pro-athlete party. While looking for a way out, she stubles into Ryan Carter
or more accurately, she walks in on Ryan in the midst of a...uhem...BJ from a sports groupie.


I really enjoyed the banter between the two of them. This was NOT a story of love at first sight, and the sarcastic and at times mean comments they threw at each other were highly entertaining. At certain times it was a little much, and I wanted to hit one of them.

Even though Rachel is not typically the type of heroine I like (she's constantly going of on feminist tirades and she's extremely mean and rude to Ryan in the beginning and throughout a lot of the book. She is very snarky, and at times a borderline bitch) but there was just something about her that made her endearingly quirky.

"This is ridiculous. WHo cares this much about appearance? Why am I spending so much time on this? For God's sake, I shaved my legs. I hate shaving my legs. Who am I shaving them for? For society? Why am wearing the torturous, deforing device knows as heels?"
"Shut up. You can be a feminist and still like looking pretty."
I slid further down in my seat, crossing my arms and feeling grumpy. Then I perked up. "You think I look pretty?"

She is also adorably clueless about all things sports.

"Who's playing?" I asked Abe. I didn't ask what sport. I was pretty sure that would be sacrilegious.
Mike dropped down on my other side. "Michigan and Notre Dame."
So, a state and a badly mangled Parisian cathedral. "Oh. Cool."

As time goes by, Rachel and Ryan go from trading insults to forming a friendship. They bond that takes place is very realistic, and doesn't just happen overnight. It was very fun to read.

Ryan and Rachel talking about going on a carousel:
"What's the point of going up and down on a piece of wood when you have the real thing?"
My lips quirked. "That's what she said," I muttered, not quite able to help myself.
He snorted. "How come I get yelled at when I say stuff like that, when you make the exact same jokes?"
I spread my arms out airily. "Because I am filled with grace and poise."

I have to say that there were times where the insult-trading went way too far, and there were quite a few cringe-worthy moments from both Ryan and Rachel.

The story itself was not anything unique. It was hate-to-love story of the shy and insecure girl meets the uber sexy football superstar quarterback. Allison Parr still manages to pull it off very well, considering that this is her debut novel.

It was a cute and humorous sports-themed, New Adult novel. I enjoyed it, but cannot say that it will be going on my favorites list.

I did become a fan of Allison Parr and her writing. I will gladly be looking forward to her future books. (Perhaps Alexa and Nate?)