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Rock with me, baby"

A possessive tattooed rock star hero with a penchant for ripping off underwear? Oh I was ALL OVER THIS!!


I made an attempt to read the first book in this series, [b:Come Away With Me|16070521|Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1)|Kristen Proby||21863888], but after an overdose of "you are beautiful", had to put it down to maybe go back to later. This book was my first attempt back in this series. Boy am I glad I did, as it got so much better. I will be going back now to read the other two books and eagerly anticipating the future ones.

Samantha is the sister of Luke, the hero of "Come Away with Me". She is weary of relationships in general, but even more so of famous men. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy as sin rock star. To say that they get off on the wrong foot is an understatement.

"What are you doing later?"
"I won't be doing you."
"Uh, I wasn't offering, honey." I turn around to see Leo smiling smugly. "I was wondering if you'd like me to take you to have that stick pulled out of your ass."

Leo is determined to get past Samantha's walls. Her icy attitude and hands-off demeanor intrigues him. Sam really doesn't stand a chance.

"Don't ever lie to me, sunshine. I don't ever want you to run until your legs give out on you like this again. The only time your legs will shake like this is if I'm inside you"


When Sam and Leo finally give in to the inevitable attraction, I thought my kindle would catch on fire. My god, but Leo had some of the hottest lines in the book...and the steam between them? Well I'd suggest keeping some ice for your ovaries as you're reading this.

""You like it rough, sunshine?"
"Yeah, actually, I do."
"Good, you'll get it. You'll get it soft too." He traces my ear with his tongue, sending shivers down my spine.
"Rough works for me."
He bites my ear, hard, making me yelp, then soothes it with his tongue.
"I'll take you hard, and soft, and every way in between.
I'm going to fuck the shit out of you."
Oh God, yes!


Did I also mention Leo's sexy possessive ways?

You're going to fuck me here? I hiss at him, shocked. "There are people thirty feet away!"
"Stop talking," he commands, his eyes feral and jaw tight, and damn if he doesn't turn me the fuck on.
I lean up on my elbows as he grips my hips and pulls me onto him, ramming himself inside my wetness.
"Oh God," I whisper, my gaze caught in his as he pushes in and out, hard, fast, over and over.
"Mine," he whispers and clenches his eyes closed. "Mine."
"Damn, Leo," I grip his face in my hands.
"He pins me again with those eyes. "You. Are. Mine."


Leo was such a fantastic hero. He was alpha all the way, possessive, sexy, but he also had an amazingly sweet side

"You make me forget how to breathe," he whispers.
"I love the way you kiss me," I whisper back.
"Good," he murmurs and offers me half a smile, his stormy eyes are lazy and heavy lidded. "Because I plan on kissing you a lot."


"Oh, sunshine, haven't you figured out that I'm completely in love with you?"

The only thing that kept this from being a 5 star story for me was Samantha. She comes off as very closed-off and cold in the very beginning. At times she was a flat-out bitch to Leo. I was fine with all this, since I figured that she had a reason for this behavior. What threw me off about her behavior is when she flinched from Simon's touch a few times.

When we finally do get the reason for this, I just didn't feel like it was enough. Though I can get why she would be skittish of fame or being with someone famous, or even getting close or relying on someone, it just didn't feel like enough to me. Why did she flinch at a touch? We never really get an answer for this...and it left me a little confused

Other than this, it was a fantastic solid 4.5 stars for me. It was super steamy with a solid plot, great characterization, and a swoon worthy hero. The sneak peak we get into Brynna and Caleb's story already has me sold (a sexy SEAL? yes, please!).