Bare It All - Lori Foster Reese

I've been a huge fan of Lori Foster for a long time, so it really pains me to do this, but this book just did not work for me.

First let me start with the things I liked:

I knew I was going to love his character when I first read about him in [b:Run the Risk|13548160|Run the Risk (Love Undercover, #1)|Lori Foster||19113332], and I was so happy that I turned out to be right. Lori Foster definitely knows how to write a sexy alpha hero, and Reese was no exception. I mean, he's Reese "Bare It All" Bareden for a damn good reason. He's protective, possessive, and oh so sexy.

The steam:
Ms.Foster has definitely not lost her touch here. The woman knows how to write one hell of a love scene.

Unfortunately, that was all that I liked about this book.

So what didn't work for me?

The main heroine, Alice, is really what killed this for me. I could not get a clear understanding of her personality at all. She was so up and down, she was everywhere and nowhere. I got whiplash trying to keep up with the constant changes.
The initial hints we get about her are intriguing
"There's something about her. It's like she's guarded. Even hurt. Unlike most people, she's too alert, too intuitive, like maybe she's waiting for something to happen."

The reality of Alice did not live up to the hints that we get of her. She is supposed to be impeccably capable of reading people, due to this mysterious traumatic event that happened in her past. But when it came to Reese, she was like a lost puppy. She questioned everything he did and said, and was always unsure of what he meant. It just didn't add up.

Then we have the fact that at times she came off as this virginal ingenue. She clearly states to Reese that she is not a virgin, but the way that she acts with him when they are intimate and even other times, is almost childish.
"I take it you weren't angry?"
"At the girls? NO. They were just curious because of the size rumors."
Suspicious, she narrowed her eyes. "What rumors?"
"Size rumors."
Drawing a blank, she shook her head in incomprehension.
"You know, am I big all over? That sort of thing"

"You've seen my chest before, honey"
She nodded and whispered, "You take my breath away."
"Is that so?"
"Yes." Alice drifted her attention over to him. "It's the same as you seeing me without a shirt."

But then all of a sudden, her personality switches to aggressive
"Enough foreplay. I need you."

Only to go right back to unsure
"If I disappointed you,just say so."
"In how I did-" she gestured "-you know, in bed."

She also goes from avoiding sexual intimacy like a meek little mouse, to being aggressive and initiating it after doing something stupid and attempting to distract from it.

I also didn't come to understand how a woman that is so concerned about her safety to the point that she has multiple weapons and avoids being "seen" by people, would make the decision that she did halfway through the book. She jumps in to what appears to be a human trafficking ring, in order to rescue a young girl.

The we have the fact that at 25, she at times talks like an 80 year old.
"That young lady needed my help"

What 25 year old uses language like that?

All these things added up began to really grate on me right around the halfway mark.

Add in the fact that the suspense in the story was sorely lacking and somewhat dragged, and my interest just began to wane.

It seems that the suspense more or less follows the same road as the previous books with the Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor, with the human trafficking. I don't mind this type of story, but it is just starting to get a little too repetitive. Take a scenario, chose a different hero and heroine, insert a different villain and then rinse and repeat.

While this book can be read as a stand-alone, somewhat, it does lose something if you haven't read the previous book in the series. I really liked The Men Who Walked The Edge of Honor, but this series is just not looking to be as good for me.

Will I read the next book? Sure, since I really liked the hints we got toward Rowdy and Avery. Will I be as excited about it? Well, probably not.

If you haven't read too many Romantic Suspense books, you might be able to enjoy this story more than I did. I just prefer my books a little more fast-paced than this. Of course if I liked the heroine more, I would have been able to overlook the suspense part. But oh well. Can't please them all.

ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review