After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna This book caught me by complete and utter surprise. I have never read anything by Cara McKenna before, a mistake that I will be rectifying immediately.

Anyone that knows me and follows my reviews, knows that I am all about the sexy, controlling alpha heroes…and Ms. McKenna writes one hell of a hero with Kelly.

I was intrigued from the mere description of him.
His irises were pale with a dark ring, gray like his self-designed uniform. Clear eyes, pretty and cold as ice.

”You don’t look like a Kelly.”
One of his eyebrows twitched. “No? What do I look like?”
A Lance, maybe a Butch. Brutus. Killer. “I dunno. Just not a Kelly.”

And when I found out what Kelly was like?
”I’m real my-way-or-the-highway. Got no patience when things don’t go how I want them to.”
“How so?”
He leaned his elbow on the bar and looked me square in the face. “I got exes who might try to tell you I treated them like servants. They were all fond of telling me as much, anyhow. But I work hard. I’ve got needs. If they don’t get met to my satisfaction, I get grouchy.”

I really enjoyed Erin’s internal monologue, as the story is told from her POV. However, somewhere around the 20% mark, she began to irritate me with her constant push and pull, I want him but I can’t have him. She was hesitant to start anything with Kelly for fear of getting too involved and hurt since Kelly was simply interested in a physical relationship. I found her to be a little too judgmental and almost bitchy at times. She would jump to many erroneous conclusions about Kelly based on her history with “men like him” that she had come to know through her very irresponsible sister and mother.

Kelly doesn’t play around with what he wants.
“Come to my place, some weekend.” His voice was low and deadly serious.
“What for?”

Erin kept pushing Kelly away, but he was undeterred. He was determined to get her beneath him and the way he went about getting that was just plain hot.
“There’s something between us,” he murmured. “We’re just doing what it’s asking.”
“It feels like I’m just doing what you ask.”
“And you don’t like that?” As he said it, his fingers traced my lips through my panties, cock pressing close. Heat flashed, dizzying me.

Kelly was seriously hot in his pursuit.
My breath was shallow, cheeks fevered, lips swollen. Drunk again. Drunk on Kelly.
“Jesus,” I muttered.
“Got a better name you can say, if you want.”

“I’m gonna make you come,” he said. “Tell me.”
“You are.” Oh, he was. His bossy words alone had me close.
“I’m what?”
“You’re going to make me come.”
A smug hmm at my ear, wet fingertips at my clit, hungry cock begging for entrance. He pulled my panties aside. I froze. But it was his fingers that taunted my folds, not his cock.
“So tempting,” he muttered.
“Someday you’ll give yourself to me,” he said matter-of-factly. “Let me have whatever I want, do whatever I say.”
It would’ve been a pretty pompous announcement if I hadn’t suspected it was completely true.
“I’ll have you pleading for my cock.” He pumped me with his fingers, hips mirroring the rhythm. “Can’t wait to hear you beg.”


When Erin finally gives into the inevitable, and takes Kelly up on his offer the book really takes off…and IT.IS.SCORCHING!

“I’m gonna make you so wet.”
The words alone were realizing his promise.
He fanned his fingers, thumbs tracing the uppermost creases of my thighs and the hems of my panties.
“I’m gonna make you want me so bad it’ll hurt,” Kelly whispered. “Make you want me so much, you’ll come the second my cock sinks inside you.”


“Oh God.”
“Say my name.”
“Good. You got permission to say that anytime you like. Now tell me what you want from my cock.”
“Whatever you’ll give me.”
Another of those nasty chuckles hummed in my ear, and his fucking fingers slowed. “Good answer, sweetheart.”

Both Kelly and Erin are damaged by their past and guarded because of it. We only get to see Erin’s perspective on things, and see glimpse of Kelly through her eyes.

Though their relationship mainly starts off with sex, they slowly move towards a somewhat friendship. This is largely in part of Erin’s assumptions of Kelly and her utter refusal to see past her misconceptions.

I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this author.
The one thing that I wished we got was an epilogue. There was a very realistic HEA that I found to be fitting given how the story went and the two characters. But I felt that an epilogue would have nicely wrapped everything up. I was left with a few questions; what happened with Jack? What about Erin’s sister? And of course it would have been nice to get more Kelly and Erin.

Still a very solid 4 scorching hot star read.