Breach (Breach, #1) - K.I. Lynn Well, it looks like this is just one of those 'everyone loved it but me' books. Just goes to show you that this story is not for everyone.

How do I even eloquently sum up the first half of this book? Oh...right!

Basically, the first 50% is just filled with angry and rough fucking (it was not sex, fucking is the best way to describe it) with barely any plot. We get a few glimpses into the darkness that Delilah hides. But that is pretty much it.

I almost DNF'd it 4 times. Luckily a few of my GR friends encouraged me to keep going, and it did get much better right after the 50% mark.

Everything got off to a good start. I had a feeling I'd like Nathan from the very first smirk. Then he sealed the deal when he opened his mouth.
"You know, you don’t have to climb all over me to get my attention. Lifting your skirt works very well."

So what was the problem for me, then? The fact that he kept opening his mouth.

I am no prude, trust me, just take a look at my read and favorites folders. I love a dirty-talking hero. Nathan crossed the line from dirty talking and entered the cheap porno zone around the 20% mark.

It all began innocently enough...
"My, aren’t you a naughty girl, panting for it. Tell me, Delilah, are you a dirty whore that likes to be fucked?"

Then it progressed...
"Fuck, I’m all the way in… feels so damn good. You love it, don’t you? You love sucking me off like a little cock slut."
"Time to fuck that pussy of yours. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You like being fucked fast and rough, don’t you? You want my cock to own your pussy and pound it hard."

And kept progressing...
"Answer me! You love my cock in you, don’t you, little slut?”
“Yes. Yes! Please fuck me with your… ugh… hard cock… shit… p-pound my naughty pussy.”
"Harder. Deeper, oh fuck… so deep inside me. More! Pull me down, take me over… shit. Make me sorry for being so naughty." I whimpered again, unable to speak anymore.
"Yes, punish you. Fuck. I don’t want this… don’t want you. This." Slam. "Is." Slam. "All." Slam. "Your." Slam. "Fault!"

But wait! There's more!
"Excited, my little whore? Yes, that’s what you are, letting me fuck you the way I do. You know that’s not good, letting me punish you. My cock wants to be down your throat, inside your pussy, and," he paused, his grip on my ass tightening, "in your ass. You tease me with it every fucking day."

“Maybe I’ll paint you white. Fuck. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Have my come all over your body.”

"Come on, slut, come all over my cock. Come!"


Well, YEA!

I found it hard to look past the fact that Nathan kept referring to Delilah as slut or whore the entire book. Really, that's so not sexy.
"You like that, don’t you? Oh, shit… you… you like my cock thrusting into you, don’t you?” he asked, wanting an answer. “That’s how dirty of a slut you are. Tell me— you like my cock always pumping into you?"


Then there was this scene...
"Now you smell like me."
"When you go back out there, any guy who comes close will smell my jizz on you."
My eyes widened, and heat rose on my skin.
"Have fun, Honeybear," he said with a wink, a kiss to my forehead, and slap on my ass as he walked back out the door.


The second half was much better. We get a few glimpses into Nathan and his very dark past, though never really find out what happened to him.

Delilah and Nathan are both broken people. Neither one of them feels worthy of love. Delilah's reasons and past are revealed in Breach. I guess we will have to wait for book 2, or perhaps even the novella, to learn more about Nathan.

This is a very dark and gritty read. Nathan and Delilah spend the entire book having rough sex. It never eases up with the filthy talking of slut this and whore that, or the roughness...even when they more or less develop feelings for each other.

For those that are iffy about cliffhangers, be warned, this book ends one hell of a cliffhanger. The sneak peek into book 2 that we get only left me with more questions than answers.

I had a tough time rating this. The first half of the book was 1 star for me, while the second half was something close to a 4. So I will stick with 3 stars.