Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens I wanted to love this book...I really did. It had all the right ingredients to go for my keeper shelf: a strong plot, a drool worthy hero, well written...

BUT...and this is a big BUT, what kept me from loving it was Kiera. I just couldn't stand her. It really is hard for me to love a book when one of the protagonists in it just grinds my last nerve.

Spoilers below....

I could have been OK with the cheating, which a lot of reviewers came down on...IF Kieara at least gained a spine somewhere before the very end of the book.(and even then it's questionable)

She was whiny, melodramatic, and so up and down that I wanted to just smack her. I think what bothered me the most, is for someone that is SO uptight that she blushes when she swears, or at any hint of sexual innuendos....she had NO qualms about leaving her boyfriend sleeping in one bedroom to sneak into another to have sex with someone a bedroom RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR ROOM! That is no blushing ingenue.

She strung both guys along the entire book and that just killed it for me. If she at least made a choice and stuck with it HALF way through the book, it might have redeemed her in my eyes. I understand that she's young and naive....but she had no problem issuing her "morals" down on Kellan when he would do something "wrong".grrrr...that was super frustrating for me to read.

I do plan to read Effortless. I am hoping that the author can redeem her in my eyes with the sequal. FINGERS CROSSED!