Broken at Love (Whitman University, #1) - Lyla Payne Another book about a broken, damaged, and manwhorish a-hole in need of redemption with the love of a good woman? YUP! This WAS one of those books...and was so much more.

When I first read the book blurb, I thought, 'been there, read that'. Then I read the first chapter, and it was Game, Set, Match. I was utterly sucked in. I must admit that the fact that I have a weakness for the fictional manwhorish assholes.

"The guy got laid more than a member of a British boy band even though he never called, never dated, and apparently never gave a shit about anyone but himself."

On the surface Quinn is just another rich boy looking for kicks and finds them on playing cruel heart games with women, and making bets on it. He had a forced retirement due to an injury from a promising tennis career, and was then dumped by his tennis pro girlfriend. He is bitter, and is looking to take his anger out on booze and unsuspecting woman.

"My father hadn't ruined me. It was impossible to ruin a person who had never been formed correctly to begin with, but I had ruine a few people of my own over the past several months."

Of course Quinn also has a devil on his shoulder, in the form of his sociopath half-brother, Sebastian.

In comes Emilie, Quinn's next conquest to be.

I loved that Emilie was a strong heroine. She was not some poor, shy, sheltered poor girl. She came from money herself, she spoke her mind, and I really enjoyed her internal dialogue.

"No girl with half a brain went near either one of them, not without clear eyes and a whole box of condoms. At the moment, I had neither."

I specifically enjoyed that she didn't play coy with Quinn, but she didn't let him step all over her either and really made him work for it.

"Of course I'm attracted to you - I'm alive, aren't I? I haven't had my hormones surgically removed, and Jesus, have you looked in a mirror?" I paused, his genuine disbelief grating my pride. Like he figured a girl lie me would jump at the chance. "Honestly, have you ever heard the word 'no'?""

We then find out that there is much more to Quinn being a bored assholes, and even some more unsuspected reasons for it.

I liked that the author didn't go the route of the insta-love, which I've come to truly loathe when reading. Quinn and Emilie's journey was filled with angst, frustration, and enough sexual tension and chemistry to burn up the pages. More and more of Quinn's true self comes out through the pages, and I couldn't help myself by falling more and more for the asshole :)

"I thought I'd won the match when she'd fallen into my arms, heart and all. The truth was, she'd beaten me. Snatched my soul and shattered all the lies I'd build around me to keep the pain of connecting at bay. In tennis, losing your service game was called being broken. If you lost your service without scoring a single point, you were broken at love."

I did feel that the story could have benefited from an epilogue. I wouldn't say that the ending was rushed, per say, but there was something missing.

All in all, I really enjoyed this, and look forward to future books from this author.

4 stars