Beauty From Pain (Beauty, #1) - Georgia Cates image
I sit in the dark corner and scan the room like a starved predator searching for prey. I haven't chosen her yet, but the woman who will share my bed for the next few months is in this room right now.
He has the ability to weaken my knees, and my body is no longer my own to control. It belongs to him, to do with as he wishes. He's my puppeteer.

I had a tough time rating this book, because as much as I liked certain parts of it, some parts of it just down right did not work for me.

We have Jack Henry McLachlan, a multimillionaire that is looking to find a woman to have an "arrangement" with. All he wants is no-strings attached sex for a few months, nothing else. When he sees American beauty, Laurelyn, perform at a club while on her visit to Australia, he's just got to have her.

and if I'm being perfectly honest here?

Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed this book. After the 40% mark, I read it straight through to the end in one sitting, staying up to do it. So that's gotta tell you something.

I think that the whole set-up of a multimillionaire meets the poor girl and offers up his "arrangement" to her just irritated me in the beginning. Thankfully there was no contract involved in this one, or I might have had to throw something, like my kindle, at the wall.

It took me a while to warm up to Jack. I think the fact that he didn't even want to exchange real names just came off as a bit creepy to me in the beginning.

I did come to understand why he would do that further into the book, but it was hardly endearing in the beginning.

There was also the fact that during Laurelyn's internal monologue, she referred to "slut button" and "pleasureland". I might have had a giggle...or five...from that.

I also had a hard time believing how a girl with Laurelyn's history, would agree to an arrangement like that, but I suppose now I'm just also being nitpicky, so I'll move on to the things that I liked.

Jack Henry, once I moved on past my somewhat iffy first impression of him, was hot. The man is pure sex on a stick.
The sex between him and Laurelyn, though quite frequent, was very hot, and not repetitive. Who can't appreciate an Aussie hottie with a penchant for going down under? Did I also mention he has possessive tendencies?
"You're mine. Do you understand?"
"Yes!" I scream partly because it's my answer, but mostly because what he's doing feels so good.
"I want you to say it."
We're sideways on the bed and each thrust shoves me farther across the mattress until my head is hanging off the edge. "I''s."
"No one else touches you here like this."
I'm panting as I lift my hips against him and his fingers. "Only you, Lachlan."

Though Laurelyn enjoys their "relationship", she also doesn't have any delusions on what it really is.

I'm on my back and I stare up at the beautiful sheer panels draped over the canopy above us with one thought- this bed was meant for making love, but that isn't what we just did. It never is.

Laurelyn was a character that I really enjoyed. Even given her history of "daddy issues", she was a very endearing and strong character. I loved that she pole danced for exercise. The scene in the gym when she danced for Jack was not one I will ever be forgetting.
"Baby you've fucked my mind without touching my body."

I judge a book by my ability to put it down. The second half of this book left me unable to put it down at all until I finished. That says something.

I was, however, left with a few questions when it ended. I still do not understand Jack's reactions to the possibility of children.
I also wish we were given a little more background into his relationship history, since I was left wondering why one of his ex "arrangements" was the only one that knew his real name. I wish we were given a little more information there. That might have explained some of Audrey's psycho reactions. As it was, I was left feeling like she was just inserted into the story for additional drama.

I'm hoping that the second book might delve into this a little more and give us just a little bit more of Jack's background.

As much as I enjoyed this book, the few issues that I had left me from giving this 5 stars. I'm very stingy with my 5 star ratings, I reserve those for the books that I absolutely LOVED. Now while this was not one of those books for me, I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

There is a cliffhanger at the end, so I would recommend having both books on hand and reading the second right after.

So I will go with something between 3 and 4 stars...3.75