Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) - Georgia Cates Le sigh

Looks like this will be going into my "Everyone loved it BUT me" pile.

I was ready to love this book. I really enjoyed the last half of the first one and after the crazy cliffhanger, I couldn't wait to read this. This book...I just...I can't...I think...I'm at a loss for words for what I think. Truthfully, I'm stumped here, so let me try and sum it up the best I could.

The book went live on Amazon

I begin reading the first 20%


I just want them to get together already!!!

Then Jack Henry comes into the picture.


And the scene where Laurelyn sings, I loved that!

But then something happens, and he does something I didn't understand


But that's OK, because Lauren goes after him and then everything is right with the world

And so begins the making up for lost time


You bet your sweet sexy ass Jack Henry!!


Well...OK...we have been separated for so long


Again? Well you are very talented in bed, and you do like to, you know, spend time down SURE!


Seriously? I don't know, I'm a little tired...I haven't done my Yoga in a're still hotter than the devil's ass, so OK!


For real? Aren't you worn out yet???!!!


You know what, I feel a headache coming on


Oh shit! It just turned into a migraine....sorry...but's some lotion and tissues, you just go right ahead. I'm going to take a nap.


Right then. That covers about 80% of the book. Oh wait, there was a plot too...I think...I can't remember it though. Strange.

But wait! There's more! Then we have the never ending ridiculously cheesy sexual innuendos and various terms for uhhhh sexual organs. Curious? Let me appease you

He glides two fingers inside me and uses his thumb to slowly massage my ecstasy controller.

I scream as he puts the Dyson vacuum suction on my quim.


"You give amazing head." When she's finished, she inches up my body and makes a show of licking her lips. I can't resist asking, "Still tastes like chicken?"
"I don't know. You tell me," she laughs as she begins kissing my mouth. When she stops, she pulls back. "What do you think?"
"Hmm. I think I'd go with chicken cordon bleu."
"Funny… I was thinking jerk."

Why do I suddenly feel like I never want to eat chicken cordon bleu ever again?

Oh, shit! He's saying my baby hatcher is beautiful?


"Are you hungry, babe?"
"Yes. I'm starving."
"Craving anything in particular?"
She grins mischievously. "I want meat."
"That can be arranged. In fact, you can have a little now and a lot later. I know you like your steak cooked medium but what you'll have later will be done well."
"I like things that are done well— especially when it's me."


I don't have my pole so I'll have to improvise." I put my hand on the crotch of my pants. "There's only one pole that counts and I've got it right here."

I swear, I can just picture this line in an American Pie movie, and it would be Stifler saying it...

When I have him naked, I barely push my finger against his chest and he falls backwards. "Tim… ber." He chuckles at my reference. "Don't worry. I've got some wood for you."


"Right there. Just like that." And a moment later, my entire body tenses as it escapes my mouth… the scream he knew he'd get out of me. When I release his hair, I still feel his mouth against me as he says, "And she crosses the finish line, ladies and gentlemen." I shove the pillows behind me and scoot backward on the bed. "This race isn't over yet."

Vroom, vroom! Hope you don't run out of gas, and I'd check the tread on your tires...You have been going around the track a lot...

He uses his knee to push my legs apart and shoves the pillows under me. I'm bent over them and… oh, fuck! He licks my girlie parts.

Well, shit woman, I should hope they're girlie parts. I'd be a little concerned if they were boy parts. Though after this book, I feel a sudden need to binge on MM romance.

"You sniffed my panties?" "Yeah. I stole some you'd worn because I'm so fucking addicted to the smell of your snatch."


"Baby, I'll quit if you want me to, but you better decide fast because I'm close to blasting my swimmers into your cockpit."


Now let me get serious here for a moment.

There were issues I had with this book, sure. Mainly I feel like there were parts of Jack's history that were glossed over too quickly, I felt like I just wanted a little more from that.

The drama at the end felt a little forced. It's like the book needed that little fight at the end to spice things up, but it just felt out of place, at least for me.

I wish we got a little more from Laurelyn's relationship with her mother and father. I felt that part was REALLY glossed over as well.

If you loved the first book, you might really enjoy this one. I had some issues with the first one, so when it still felt unresolved here, it just killed it for me.

I do enjoy the author's writing style, and I'd gladly read another book from her in the future. Speaking of, can we please get a book for Charlie?!!!!

Well, I do believe my rant/review here is finished. As for my rating? 2.5 "meh" stars.

But I'm sure that I'll be in the minority with this one, since many people did enjoy this quite a bit. Hopefully it will work out better for you than it did for me