Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover 3.5*

I have to clarify my rating. This would have been a 5 star read for me had it not been for all of the errors. Now I'm not usually such a hardass about some errors in books I read. I'm happens. A missed comma here, a typo there, a missed period here. These type of things usually don't take away from my enjoyment of the story.

But the amount of errors in this book managed to do it. To be quite honest, I feel like this was written, and then the author did a simple auto grammar check (judging by the type of errors)

For example:

I collapsed on the skin - (instead of sink)
Her hands trialed...
He said told me...
It's been that was since I was young...
Mt mom invited them...

and so on and so forth!

Now as for the story itself? It was fantastic! Rule was hot and I absolutely loved Shaw. She might have been an inexperienced virgin, but she was still a kick ass heroine. She was sexy, she had pride, and she stood up for herself. I really HATE this trend of innocent and mousy virgin female trend a lot of authors have going lately. This was NOT the case with Shaw.

I really really hope the author edits and re-releases an updated version of this book. It really is quite good. But I just got super frustrated with all the errors.

I would still recommend this book, and I look forward to Jet. I just hope the next novel will be better edited.

If you are the type to get hung-up on grammatical errors...I wouldn't recommend this book for you. It would drive you up the wall. I'm more laid back and understanding with it, so I was able to look past a lot of it.