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Trace Corbin was setting off all the sirens inside of her. Kylie was standing directly in the path of something wild and dangerous and a hell of a lot more powerful than her.


She didn’t know what he was looking for, but his eyes sought answers in hers that she didn’t have. She didn’t even know what the question was. She just wanted him. Like she had never wanted anything or anyone in her entire life.

After her father dies in a freak work accident, Kylie is left with nothing but her guitar and her dreams. Her step-mother kicking her out of her home is the last straw before she decides to pack up her things and follow her dreams to Nashville.

When an open mic night at the bar where she waitresses leads to an opportunity to tour with the country music superstar Trace Corbin, Kylie doesn't think twice. But Trace isn't the man that she thinks that he is. He's broken, has a drinking problem, a bit of an asshole, and less than happy to have her join him on tour.
“Seriously, this is the best you could come up with? A waitress from nowhere fucking Oklahoma? If I’d have known this was going to happen, I never would’ve pulled the little twit up on stage,” Trace’s cold voice said.
Kylie tried to ignore the jagged blade of hurt carving into her. Well, she’d been called worse.

The tour is not going as Kylie had dreamed since Trace is pretty much drinking his career down the drain, missing performances, and ignores her the rest of the time. All of that still doesn't stop Kylie's attraction to the broken singer. For a reason she can't quite understand herself, she wants him. Looking at him she can't deny her pull, even though she can't explain it.
God, those eyes. Take cover, they said, because the storm was here, now. And Kylie wanted nothing more than to hurl herself right into its path.

Through many struggles and fights, Kylie comes to realize that Trace is not as indifferent to her as he would like her to believe.
“Kylie, if I ever again see you in a place like The Player’s Club, or alone in a bedroom with a musician who wants nothing more than to fuck you, then I can’t be held responsible for what I might do.”
She swallowed hard, resisting the urge to shrink away from the intensity of his stare. “Does right now count as being alone in a bedroom with a musician who wants to fuck me?”
“Yes, it does. Which is why you should run back to your room as fast as those pretty little legs can carry you. And lock the goddamned door.”

But trace isn't what Kylie needs. He's jaded by life and he knows that he can't give her what she needs.
I’m not that guy, Kylie.”
“What guy?” she asked, pulling back to look at his face so she could figure out what in the
“That guy you deserve. The one who would take you on dates, write you love songs, serenade you in public, send you flowers, and all that shit. That’s not me. I don’t do relationships.”

Even though they both have every reason to not be together, Kylie and Trace are unable to fight the pull toward one another.

Finding herself falling and falling hard, Kylie knows that she just can't stay away from Trace. When one night they both finally give into temptation, they both realize that they can only fight what's burning between them for so long.

She hadn’t known a kiss could feel like love but Trace made a job of it, licking and sucking and gently biting at her lips until he’d tasted every inch of her.

I really enjoyed this book. I love both Trace and Kylie. Kylie was young and a virgin, but she was by no means a pushover. She stood up for herself and didn't play games.

The book had it's share of angst, but it wasn't as overwhelming as you'd find in many other New Adult novels.

Trace is what really made the book for me. He was a perfect mix of asshole, damaged, broken, and sweet. There were times I wanted to smack him, then I wanted to kiss him, and at times I just wanted to hug him.

This was a fantastic debut novel. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because at times the writing was a little simplistic with some repetitive phrasing. However, given that this is the first novel, I was able to look past it for the most part. I think that given a little time and some more experience to work through the kinks, this is going to be such an amazing author and series.

I cannot wait for the 2nd book. With the little teaser we were given at the end of this book, it sounds like it will be a hell of a ride.

Girl With Guitar does give us a HFN ending, so don't be afraid to pick it up if you're scared of cliffhangers.

4 stars