Take Me Under (Dangerous Tides, #1) - Rhyannon Byrd image



This book had a lot of hot sex.

What else did it have?

I'm drawing a blank on that right now.

If you're at all familiar with this author's writing, you know she has a penchant for writing super Alpha, super possessive and domineering heroes, who love their talking dirty and their sex, rough. Sounds hot, right? Weeeell...not so much.

The set up is this:

Three years ago, Ben saw Reese at a party. He's insanely attracted to her, but can't do anything because she is married. Of course the husband turns out to be a giant jackass, and Reese eventually leaves him. (Shocking, I know)

Now Reese moves back to Florida after her divorce to put her old life behind her. She gets the surprise of a lifetime when she finds out that the landlord of the house she's renting just so happens to be the sexy detective, Ben.

Now this book had all the ingredients I like to make for one sexy read. Unfortunately, it just fell flat.

Basically we have Ben, who is lusting after Reese, but is terrified of commitment and love due to seeing his father and brother go through hell because of it. Reese is extremely attracted to Ben, but doesn't understand what he sees in her. You see, she's suffering from poor self esteem due to her bad marriage, and constantly looks down on herself, doubts Ben, doubts their relationship and bla bla bla.

So how do they deal with all of these problems? Do they talk about it? NOPE! They fuck like rabbits, of course. Now I'm all about the sexy times. Really! Bring it on, I say. But the thing is, in this book, it was like

It just got repetitive and annoying. I had to skim through most of it eventually (The horror, I know!!)

Not to mention I got so sick of the back and forth angst between Reese and Ben. They have a 'sex only' arrangement. Ben isn't about commitments. Yet he gets pissed every time Reese tries to keep it in those parameters. Reese is constantly thinking what he sees in her and doubting everything.
I mean, really!

Also, not to be nitpicking here, but here's the thing. I'm all for the raw terminology, P*ssy and Cock do just fine. BUT...and this may just be me here, but I felt like the word c*nt was EXCESSIVELY overused in this book. Once or twice, I can deal with it. But it was just excessive here.I'm just not a fan of this word. I don't know what it is about it that just doesn't sound sexy to me. Why you ask?
Now back to what I was saying about cocks...

Ben was super hot and domineering and loved his dirty talk. But I swear, there were some lines that were just funny, and not in a sexy way.
""God, Reese I love you. Now ask me again if I want to fuck you in the ass."
"Do you?" She whispered.
"Say the words, Reese. You know how much I love it when you talk dirty."
"All right," she murmured, "Sheriff Hudson, sir, would you like to fuck me in the ass this morning?"


Well, I think I'm done with my rant here. I'll just leave you with my final thoughts.
The suspense part of the book was very weak. It really didn't interest me too much.
The book actually would have been great as a novella. Most of the middle part of the book, sex included, felt like a filler. It was like the author needed to stretch it out to be a novel, so she filled it with sex and unnecessary back and forth drama between Reese and Ben.

I will be reading the next book in the series, because I am extremely curious about Ben's jaded by love brother, Alex. And the glimpse we get into Scott Ryder at the end of the book sounded really good too. That's going to be a novella, so I'll definitely be reading that one.

3.5 stars