Unforgiven - Anne Calhoun
There are no words for what we were. Love isn't big enough. Lust isn't deep enough. Lost covers it. We were lost in each other.

To err is human. To forgive divine. Neither is Marine Corps policy. But life didn't deduce to a bumper sticker, and maybe that was the answer to who he was when he wasn't this Marine. Not inhumanly perfect, or unable to forgive. Just Adam. Just like everyone else.

Her father taught her to dream. Life taught her dreams don't always come true. Her first time with Adam fell more into the realm of fantasy fulfilled.

Twelve years ago a tragedy changed the lives of Adam and Marissa. Struggling with guilt from the resulting death of his friend, Adam joins the Marines in his place.

Now Adam is back in his home town of Walkers Ford and looking to start to re-build his life, after being this Marine being all he'd known for 12 years. He's back to start graduate school and to attend the wedding of his ex-fiance to his best friend.

Adam is struggling with having to face his past mistakes and regrets, one of them being the young love he left behind, Marissa.

As soon as he sees Marissa, all his past feelings for her come back with the force of a hurricane, and the passion between them burns hotter than ever.
Even though Marissa loved Adam with all the passion of the 17 year old that she was, the 30 year old woman doesn't give her heart as freely as she might her body.

I loved Marissa's character. She wasn't ashamed of her past, and she owned her sexuality. I loved the flip scenario of Adam only having had 2 lovers, while Marissa was the more experienced one.

Marissa doesn't fight her physical attraction to Adam, but she does guard her heart. She doesn't believe that Adam is here to stay this time.
She chose bed partners without much regard for rules or convention, but something dark and dangerous occasional breathed under Adam's steel-hard exterior. He had the power to annihilate her. He'd done it before.

I really loved Adam's quiet intensity. He isn't the typical domineering, possessive, man whoring hero.
"Why aren't you defensive about this? Most guys would be?"
"About having reached the advanced age of thirty and slept with two women, instead of two dozen, or two hundred?" When she nodded, he added, "'Quantity equals quality' is just another way of saying size matter, and I'm not most men."

The young Adam was a rebel, the now Adam has grown into a different man.
"Then was one running battle between testosterone and willpower. He was the life of the party, the strategist behind every prank, skating through school on charm and just enough to get by"
"What's the old Marine Corps slogan? Many were called. Few were chosen."

The passion between Adam and Marissa was scorching. Anne Calhoun has this incredible talent for writing passionate, yet at the same time extremely emotional love scenes, where not a detail goes unnoticed by the reader.
"Just so you know...if you change your mind ask anytime." He bent forward and kissed her, soft, hot temptation personified, before he stepped back. "I won't say no."
An image flashed bright on the movie screen of her mind: Adam, in her bed, saying yes to everything she asked. She'd been shocked by electric currents before, and that's exactly what happened now, the charged air between them zapping the breath from her lungs. Leaving the bedroom lights off, he covered the distance to the back door in four steps, then walked out into the rain.


The way the love developed between the two characters was an incredibly beautiful journey, and I loved every single moment of it.
"I can handle a lot, Adam. Giving up a dream I had no hope of realizing isn't much at all in the big scheme of things."
"Don't you see?" he asked gently. "I don't want you to give up anything for me. I want to give you everything I have, everything I am, everything you've ever wanted.


If you've never read a book by the amazing Miss Calhoun before, you are missing out. She is an incredibly talented author that is able to weave together words, details, feelings, and passion to paint a beautiful picture in the mind of the reader. Having read her erotic romance in the past, her foray into Contemporary Romance was definitely not a disappointment.

I loved this book, I loved the characters. The story was focused on Adam and Marissa, with no additional subplots, which I really enjoyed.

So why only 4 stars? While I really enjoyed this book, I tend to rate by how easily I am able to put the book down. I loved the story and I really loved the characters, but I also had no problems putting it down and coming back to it later.

If you are a fan of beautiful and incredibly steamy contemporary romance with endearing characters, I would highly recommend this book.