Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren OK! You got me? Where are the hidden cameras? I thought that Ashton was done with Punkd? - I mean, this HAS to be a joke right? Because I am not laughing!

Of all the ridiculous, over-sexed, no-plot having, annoying hero and heroine GAH! just GAH! I am totally and utterly at a loss of words here


This was just plain ol' bad.

Where is the writing here? I get this whole trend of fan fiction being pulled to be published. I take no issue with this. I've read some damn good fan fiction before that deserved to be published. This, however, is a joke. I DNF'd it at 50% in...I couldn't put myself through more. I then got curious and skimmed through until the last page and the ending...

The only thought that kept running through my mind while trying to read this was, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?!!!!

Right then, let's sum up the book in a few words here:

I hate you!
I hate you more! but....

I still hate you!
I still hate you more!
-angry sex-


Happy ending and sunshine and butterflies and rainbows! Bla!

The book sounded promising with a sexy cover and everything, but alas, it just didn't live up to my expectations. Perhaps that was my problem, I set the bar too high. So if you still want to give this book a shot, I say don't expect much, so you won't be as disappointed.

I never read the fan fic version of this book, but I had (wrongly) assumed that for it to be published it had to have been really good, right? RIGHT?! But after wasting my time actually reading this drivel, I can only sum it up with this