Lover Undercover - Samanthe Beck ummmm....




This just did not work for me. While I liked Samanthe Beck's writing style, the story itself just fell flat.

It was a cute romance, but aside from that nothing really stood out.

I don't expect for Romance novels to be perfectly realistic, I read for the escapism of it after all, but parts of this book just grated with me.

So we start out with Kylie, a sweet little yoga instructor, covering for her twin sister who has a broken a stripper. Although self conscious and somewhat unsure, she really gets into her role. hmm...right then.

After leaving work, she stumbles on to a murder scene. Turns out a "customer" that caught her eye while she was stripping, is in fact a detective that investigates the murder. When questioned, she sticks to acting like she is her sister, Stacy.

She then continues lying about her identity for a good 50% of the story.

Call me a cynic, but I just couldn't connect to her reasoning for the lie. She gives one, sure, but it just seemed stupid.

So what follows is a whole lot of back and forth sexual tension between Kylie and Trevor, the detective.

There was a scene where they almost go at it in the interrogation room...right after she was questioned. Really?

I could not connect to the either Trevor or Kylie nor of the two of them together. To be honest, I found myself more interested in the developing romance between Ian, Trevor's partner, and Stacy.

So after a whole dance of push and pull, I want you but I can't, Trevor and Kylie have sex. We then find out that Kylie is a virgin. I could not really wrap my mind around how somebody like that could have made the choices nor done the things that she did. the lap dance she gives Trevor That really more or less killed my interest at that point.

Oh and did I mention that she STILL doesn't tell Trevor who she really is after that? Nope! He finds out for himself.

Well what follows then is a whole lot more sex, with a murder investigation thrown into the mix.


My interest began to wane at around 10%, and I finished the book in the hopes of it getting better. Sadly, I can't say that it did. It was just a little too far-fetched for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not as if I expect everything to be 100% realistic. But something about this particular book just did not work for me.

So unfortunately, I'll go with a 2.5 stars on this.

I'm sure many would still enjoy it (especially if you can look past certain nuances), I just was not one of them.

I will try another book by Samanthe Beck, since I did enjoy her writing style. It was the story itself that didn't do it for me.