Secret Sins (The Callahans, #3) - Lora Leigh And on that note: I am done...Done...DONE!

DNF'd at 50%

I apologize in advance for my rant/review, but what happened to this author? I've loved her Elite Ops and Tempting Seals series. But with this series, each book has been getting progressively worse.

I swear it has become a "if you're read one, you've read them all". It is basically regurgitated drivel. Take a hero and heroine, change their names around, and rinse and repeat. I swear there was a scene that was literary copy and pasted from earlier in the story. I realize all authors have a "voice" that is their stamp, so to speak. But this is not the case here, in my humble opinion. Her characters all sound the same. The sex scene dialogue is repetitive and sounds the same in EVERY.SINGLE.BOOK.

What irritates me most? The ERRORS! I look past this on self-published books and with Indie authors because c'mon, I get it. But we have a publisher AND and editor here...the amount of errors and TYPES of errors are just inexcusable. The names are wrong on some pages, dates vary, details vary...that's not even touching on basic grammatical no-no's.

I hate to say this, but I am now officially done with her books. Until the caliber of writing gets much better, I will MAYBE check out Leigh's future books from the library but I am certainly not wasting my money pre-ordering anymore.